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Causes of Carpet Smells Such as Mildew or Feet in Southington, CT; Moisture & Wet Carpeting, Dog & Cat Pet Urine Odor, Cigarette Smoke & More

Carpets have a nasty way of holding fast to odors. There are many ways that carpets can become really smelly as time goes on. These smells leave your home unpleasant and not so very comfortable to stay in. However Ameri-Best Carpet Cleaning can help clean your carpets and yes, we can remove those nasty smells.…

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Is Non Toxic , Eco Friendly, Green Carpet Cleaning Safe For Your Crawling Baby in Farmington, CT & Isn’t Dirty Carpet with Dust, Germs, Bacteria & Beetles Worse?

There are some people who believe that having their carpets cleaned is bad if they have a small baby at home. Many people let the baby lay on the ground to enjoy some free time. That means they will likely be crawling around and rolling on the carpets. Many, many years ago carpet cleaning companies…

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Health & Other Benefits of Professional Steam Carpet Cleaning in Bristol, CT; Improved Indoor Air Quality, Cleaner, Dryer Carpets & More

Carpets are quite the investment. They add the right flare to the style of décor we are shooting for. Adding a soft place to walk and lounge on, the carpets in our homes play a large role towards the ultimate indoor comfort. When it comes to keeping them in optimal condition and increasing their projected…

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