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Advantages of Carpet Flooring in New Britain, CT; Sound Absorbing, Energy Efficient & More

September 8, 2018

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We live in a day and age where the choices for your flooring are limitless. Among all the choices out there, it seems that carpet has been getting a bad rap. Going far beyond comfort, you may find that carpet has several benefits to offer. Today, we are here to set the record straight. At AmeriBest Carpet Cleaning, we would like to talk about the many benefits that come when you choose carpet for your home.

Sound Absorbing Carpet

When there is nothing but hard surfaces in your home, the noise pollution can be at an all-time high. Many people are dramatically affected by this added noise and can’t thrive in the environment. When you choose carpet, the noise level is reduced dramatically. This can be helpful especially in multi-dwelling units where you are hoping to reduce the amount of noise that is heard on other levels of the building. If sound is an issue for you, carpet may be a great choice in sound absorption.

Energy Efficient Carpet Flooring

You may be wondering how on earth carpet can help save you money in energy savings. You may not know this, but carpet is a natural heat insulator and has low heat conduction. In short, the space would lose 10% more heat when you choose hard surfaces rather than carpet. You can plan on seeing a 4-6% cut in your energy bill.

Safety Advantages of Carpet

Carpeted floors provide a slip-proof space where you don’t have to worry about as much personal injury. Another benefit of carpet comes in the comfortable cushion. There are studies that prove that the cushion of carpeting is great for orthopedics. If there are any elderly or infants in the home, you don’t have to worry about injury in the case of a fall like you do when you have hard surfaces for flooring. Carpet offers them a soft surface to land on in the case of a fall.

Health Benefits of Carpet

There are some that would say that hard surfaces are better for your flooring as far as health goes. However, fine dust gets trapped in the fibers of carpet and are unable to get carried away in the air you breath. These dust particles are trapped in the carpet until the next time the space is vacuumed. People who suffer from allergies will notice that their symptoms are greatly reduced when they choose carpet for your home. When you have hard surfaces on your floors, all it takes is a breeze to pick up the dust and cause problems.

Comfort Carpets

There is nothing quite as comfortable as sinking your feet into soft carpet at the end of the day. Carpet has a comfort factor that other flooring choices don’t. When you choose a quality carpet, you can enjoy lasting comfort for years to come.

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If you have been considering carpet for your flooring, don’t hesitate to get it. Carpet needs to be maintained like every other type of flooring though, and you can count on the experts at AmeriBest Carpet Cleaning to provide you with professional carpet cleaning that will keep your carpet like new. Call us today!

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