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Avoid Misusing Homemade Carpet Cleaners & Cleaning Solutions in Burlington, CT

June 9, 2018

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When an unsightly blemish corrupts the looks of your carpets are the accidental spill threatens to form a stain, many homeowners turn to the world wide web for answers. As people search through the different pieces of advice, concoctions, and home remedies, some people find success with the different DIY cleaning agents where others leave people frustrated for the inefficiency. Today, we at Ameri-Best Carpet Cleaning would like to shine some light on a few of the common ingredients or tactics to treat common carpet spills, spots, and stains to help you find the most effective solution.

Problems with Homemade Carpet Cleaners

Ammonia: As a high alkaline solution, ammonia can easily damage carpet fibers and make breathing a challenge. Though it can be effective on tougher stains, you run the risk of carpet damage and health concerns if used improperly and at excessive doses. If you decide to use it, be sure to do so with extreme caution and take precautions.
Dish Soap: As a byproduct of cooking, liquid dish soap is made to dissolve grease and grime and after it does, gets rinsed away. When using it applicably when greasy substances hit the carpets, people tend to use too much and then do not rinse. Both are detrimental because the excess is hard to remove and the residue is a magnet for dirt and debris, creating more spots. When used in the correct applications, it is crucial it is used sparingly and then efficiently rinsed away from the carpet without over saturating the area.
Hairspray: Hairspray has many ingredients that overall is designed to help hold hair in place. It was never intended to treat stains and spots on carpets. However, when ink for example, messes the carpets, rubbing alcohol can potentially lift the ink stain away. Hairspray has rubbing alcohol in the contents and in a pinch, it may be potent enough to treat the ink and related messes on the carpets. But hairspray leaves a sticky film behind that will collect the dust and other particle that will create another mess and cause other issues if not properly rinsed away.
Vinegar: Very commonly recommended to remove spots and stains, vinegar is a product many people have their pantries. Though it lacks the ability to remove stains, vinegar is very useful in different situations as it is a natural disinfectant; destroying many germs as well as neutralizing odors. There are some concoctions that call for mixing baking soda and vinegar, which results in in peracetic acid. This reaction causes skin irritation and problems breathing; making it better avoided. When treating stains, keep it in mind that vinegar is good for odors and germs, not so much dissolving the stains.
Water: When reacting to a spill or treating a spot, using pure water is something that is encouraged, however, the problem is people use too much water. Over saturation will lead to water damage and potential mold growth on carpets, carpet padding, and even the sub floor. Additionally, when you dampen the area, consider using seltzer water or club soda.

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Where it is not necessarily reached for when treating a spill or spot, vacuuming the floors regularly is important. Treating these issues on a dirty floor results in more issues. A common myth is that over vacuuming will cause damage to the carpets. This is untrue. You can vacuum multiple times a day every day and no damage will befall the carpets. But since dirt is abrasive and walking creates friction, not vacuuming will expedite wear and when treating spills create a bigger mess. When you have stains and spots besmirching your carpets, instead of trusting questionable home remedies and ineffective carpet cleaners, call the specialists and let Ameri-Best Carpet Cleaning remove the stains and spots from your carpets today!

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