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Benefits of Using a Carpet Protector in Simsbury, CT; Clean Carpet Easier, Improved Indoor Air & More

November 23, 2018

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Most homeowners want to do everything they can to extend the life of their carpet. It is important to take care and maintain your carpet to keep it in good condition. One of the best ways to do this is with a carpet protector on your carpeting. There are many benefits that come with choosing to have a carpet protector put on your carpet. AmeriBest Carpet Cleaning is here to talk about some of the benefits you can see when you choose to have carpet protector on your carpeted areas.

Clean Carpet Easier

Spot cleaning between professional cleanings is a must when it comes to extending the life of your carpet. No matter how vigilant you are at keeping food and drink off your carpet, there are bound to be mistakes that happen. When you have carpet protector on your carpeting, it provides a barrier that doesn’t allow the spills to seep into the fibers of your carpet. The way that carpet protector keeps the spills resting on the top of your carpet, make it much easier to clean up any accidental messes that happen. These spills should still be cleaned up as soon as possible to avoid penetration through the carpet protector barrier.

Improved Carpet Appearance

Because carpet protector keeps spills and other debris from settling into the fibers of your carpet, it will keep these substances from breaking down the fibers. Carpet protectors help to preserve the look of your carpet and keep the colors vibrant.

Carpet Odor Blockers

Part of the protection that carpet protectors offer is odor protection. There are certain stains that will leave your entire home smelling foul if they aren’t removed in time. This would include things like dairy spills and pet accidents. A protector gives your carpet that barrier that will leave it smelling fresh.

Improved Indoor Air Quality in Home

The barrier that carpet protectors offer your carpet will keep things like dust mites and mold or mildew from seeping into the fibers. These particles will all cause poor indoor air quality. If you vacuum regularly and have a carpet protector on your carpeting, it will actually work to help improve your indoor air quality.

Cost Effectiveness

Even though it is an extra charge to have carpet protector put on your carpeting, it will end up saving you money in the long run. This protection will help extend the life of your carpet and keep you from needing to replace your carpet sooner.

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If your carpet is covered in stubborn stains, you can have the carpet cleaning professionals at AmeriBest Carpet Cleaning remove them for you. We can put a carpet protector on your carpet after cleaning that will offer an added layer of protection between professional carpet cleanings. You can count on our team of highly trained technicians to remove any staining no matter how severe. Call us today!

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