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Best Way to Clean Ceramic Tile & Grout Floors in Southington, CT; Cleaners & Cleaning Methods

March 24, 2018

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Tile floors are a huge part of most homes. Whether you have chosen to use tile throughout your mail living space or only in the rooms that tend to have moisture, the tile is a great addition to any home. Tile is a generic term that is used when you have a hard material such as ceramic, porcelain and stone laid on the floor and usually sealed together with grout. The tile can be from many types of materials that are cut to specific sizes depending on what style you are going for. It can be dependent on the size of the space you are having the tile laid in. When it comes to cleaning your floors you need to ensure that you use the right methods. If you use the wrong method or the wrong cleaning solution for the type of tile that you have. Some of these can end up causing damage to the tile and can only be repaired if the tile is replaced.

Ameribest Carpet Cleaning Lists Some Tips On the Best Way to Clean Your Ceramic Tile Floors

What Causes Ceramic Tile to Get Dirty?: Some of the biggest problems when it comes to tile is that they can be stained. Everyone knows that when you spill something on the carpet you need to get to work right away. The spill is something that will soak quickly into the carpet and cause a stain to appear. When it comes to a spill on the tile people assume that it is not as big of a deal. You can get there when you get there but that is not the case. The spill can cause staining on the tile as well as the grout. They can also eat away and damage the tile and the grout if the spill is acidic. Overall dirt and debris and foot traffic can lend to the tile becoming quite dirty.
Best Method to Clean Ceramic Tile Floors: When you are ready to try and take on cleaning your own ceramic tile floors you need to make sure you use the right method. This will ensure that the floor is left clean and no damage occurs in the process. The first step you need to take when cleaning a hard surface floor that includes tile is to sweep or run a vacuum over the area to get the dirt and debris off the floor. If you don’t this can act as an abrasive on the tile and cause some scratches to it.
Best Tile Floor Cleaner: Next is to use the right cleaning product. You can make this at home with a cup of white vinegar mixed in with a gallon of warm water in a bucket. Then use your mop of choice to go over the tile floor one area at a time. You want to rinse off the mop often to stop any streaking from occurring. This is a very mild cleaning product that you make at home and will leave the floor looking great and streak free.

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