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Carpet Cleaning Cost Estimate Calculator in Bristol, CT; Per Room VS Square Footage Pricing

June 23, 2017

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Carpet cleaning companies are not alike and offer different services, so it’s not feasible to have a standard cost correlated with the service. The treatments will differ and you may get a wide range of costs from one company to the next. Carpet steam cleaning is the norm in the industry with many companies offering low-moisture, “dry” method. With different methods, approaches, equipment and the time involved all being factors in determining the cost of the services. There are also services added to basic carpet cleaning that will affect the cost as well, like stain treatment, odor removal, pet treatment and carpet protection. The type of carpet you have will be determined by a company and will determine the procedure needed for your carpets along with the amount of soiling involved.

Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning

Most homes use the hot water extraction method. This is the method that most carpet manufacturers require to uphold the warranty. This method uses a mixture of hot water and a cleaning solution that penetrates into the carpet fibers with a truck mounted machine. After the machine works to clean the carpet it will then be extracted. This will pull out all the solution to leave zero rinsing agents, soap, dirt and minimal moisture in the carpet. Wait for 4-6 hours before getting back to regular day to day living before walking on it or moving furniture around. It’s important to use professionals because if the water extraction process isn’t done the right way your carpet will resoil easier and you’ll end up paying more to have it cleaned again.

Carpet Cleaning “Per Room” & “Square Footage”

For the most part, the carpet cleaning industry will use one of two ways to give customers a cost for their services. What’s the difference between “per room” and “square footage” pricing? Per room allows for a flat rate to be given for each room in the house. The rate of the room may vary due to the square footage ranges. The final number of rooms and other spaces like stairs and hallways will have their own rates added to the cost. Those costs can be determined by the amount of time the company thinks it will take to complete the job and what it’s worth. “Square footage” pricing will be determined when a technician comes to your home and bases the rate on the square footage. This will determine an accurate cost for the carpet cleaning. The rate per square foot will include labor, equipment and products used, rather than charging a flat rate per room.

Professional Carpet Cleaning in Avon, Canton, Simsbury, Farmington, Southington, Plantsville, Bristol, CT & Hartford County, Connecticut

Any estimate given should always clearly state all the included services and fees but there are other services that can add to the final cost. These include: spot treatment, deodorizing, stain and urine removal and carpet protection. There may be discounts available if a customer uses the same company multiple times in a year because this helps to bring their costs down. They might offer lower costs if you maintain a maintenance cleaning plan when it comes to your carpet. If you have any questions about how much it will cost to have your carpets professionally cleaned, contact Ameri-Best Carpet Cleaning for a quote.

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