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Carpet Cleaning Mistakes in Burlington, CT; Using Too Much Elbow Grease on Stains & More

September 29, 2018

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Most people take care in choosing the carpet they want in their homes and it’s an investment regardless of how much you spent on it. If you want your carpets to last a long time, you need to take care of them the right way. Many homeowners make mistakes when they clean their carpets that can cause it to wear prematurely.

Carpet Cleaning Errors to Avoid

1. Using too much elbow grease on carpet stains is a mistake. The sight of a stain on your carpet can send you into a frenzy to get it out. It may cause you to start rubbing as hard and as fast as you can, but this is a big mistake. When you do this, you are driving the stain further into the carpet fibers and you are damaging the fibers. If the stain gets down to the base, it might be impossible to remove. The most effective way to remove a stain is to blot it with a clean cloth to absorb as much of it as possible.
2. It's a mistake to use the wrong products on carpet stains. Carpet fibers are made of all sorts of materials and each of them require a specific way to remove a stain from it. One stain remover doesn’t work on all stains or carpet fibers. Know what your carpet is made of and use appropriate stain removers. Carpet manufactures are always willing to help you resolve carpet issues. Just check their website or give them a call.
3. Not vacuuming carpet enough is a problem. If you wait until your carpet has visible dirt and debris, then you’ve waited too long to vacuum it. You need to vacuum at least once a week and more if you have children and pets running around. Regular vacuuming will lift dirt and debris out of your carpet before it can damage the carpet fibers. It also makes your carpets look great!
4. It's a problem to use cheap carpet deodorizers. Powder deodorizers will buildup overtime and can’t be removed completely. These deodorizers can also give you a false sense of cleanliness. Just because it smells good, doesn’t mean it’s clean. This may cause you to skip vacuuming, which isn’t good for your carpet.
5. Not using area rugs and runners is an issue. Heavy traffic areas can benefit from the use of runners. Area rugs and runners will protect certain areas of your carpets that get lots of wear. Not using runners and area rugs will leave you with worn out areas. This may cause you to replace the entire carpet just because an area or two don’t look so good. It’s cheaper to use area rugs and runners than it is to replace carpet.
6. Not hiring professional carpet cleaners is a mistake. The absolute best thing you can do for your carpets is to hire professionals to clean it. The machines you can rent do not clean your carpets as well as professionals can. Worse, they can damage your carpet. Hire professionals to clean your carpets at least once a year to extend the life of them and to make your home a cleaner place to live.

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