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Carpet Fading Sources; Can Sunlight Fade Your Carpets & Rugs in Southington, CT?

July 13, 2017

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When you have new carpets installed in your home or a new rug you want to do all that you can to keep them looking their best. Most people will make some rules to ensure there are not too many stains, spots and high traffic areas to contend with. That may mean no food or drinks on the rugs and carpet and take off your shoes. These are all great ways to avoid needing to treat your carpets and rugs for unwanted damage. The problem occurs when you have damage done to the carpets and the rugs and you don’t know how. Spilling juice is damage that you can see right away but light and UV rays are damaging your carpets as you read this! It may shock you to know that your carpets can start to fade and loose that color you bought it for. There are some things that you can do to prevent the sun fading.

Ameribest Carpet Cleaning Explains How Sunlight Can Fade Your Carpets & What You Can Do to Help Prevent it From Occurring

Does All Light Fade Your Carpets & Rugs: The sad part is that all light can cause some fading to occur in your carpets and rugs. The main light source that causes the most damage is the sun. It gives off UV rays that are the most damaging to textiles. The UV comes in your home through windows and open doors and lands right on your carpets and rugs. Although the UV light from the sun causes the most damage there is also damage from indoor lights too. The damage from sun fading is only part of the problem. Your carpets can also suffer from brittleness that can cause the rug or carpet to start to break apart.
How To Prevent Rugs & Carpet From Fading: A rug is easier to protect than an entire carpet. The rug can be moved out of the way and rotated which is the best way to stop sun fading. The carpet is stuck once it is installed and cannot be rotated to stop sun from damaging it. The windows can be covered with blinds at the peak times that sun will come in. That is the best way to stop the sun from coming in. You can also ensure that the doors are closed when the sun is coming in that particular area.
Can Carpet Fading Be Reversed or Restored: If you start to notice that your carpets are fading due to sun exposure there is not much you can do. The damage is not reversible although there is something that you can do. You can have the carpets dyed to even out the color of the carpet. The other option is that you can have the carpets removed and new carpet installed which is why it is always best to prevent sun fading in the first place.

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