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Extend Benefits of Professional Window Cleaning in Newington, CT for Spotless Windows

January 17, 2019

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Removing the spotted haze from the windows is a satisfying accomplishment. When all the windows have been professionally cleaned by Ameri-Best Carpet Cleaning and they are crystal clear, many people want to preserve the clean, spotless glass. In an effort to help out our clients and extend the freshly professionally cleaned windows, Ameri-Best Carpet Cleaning would like to share some suggestions on how you can stretch out the professionally cleaned windows.

How to Have Spotless Inside Windows

Within your home, there are may substances that can quickly mar the look of your clear windows but you can apply the following tips to extend their shine.
1) Regular Dusting. Prevent the excess debris from settling on the windows by keeping the surfaces dusted on a routine basis. To keep the sparkle in your windows longer, be sure to dust everything such as bookshelves, tables, ceiling fans, light fixtures and drapes.
2) Keep Candles Away from Windows. To keep the smoky residues that deposit a film on your windows, do not burn products around the windows; such examples include incense, candles, warm wax, and so on. Though these products are often used to set an ambiance or enhance the fragrance of your home, avoid utilizing them three feet to the windows.
3) Clean Around the Window. Do not neglect the window’s surroundings. Window sills, panes, and frames for instance all need to be cleaned to avoid the buildup from spreading onto the glass.
4) Keep Floors Clean. To better manage the dry soil and debris, the floors should be vacuumed or swept daily. Otherwise the debris will get circulated into the air and potentially settle on the surface’s windows.

How to Keep Outside Windows Clean

There are still some things in your control that you can do keep the outside of your windows glistening, though there are many elements factoring in the lifespan of the windows cleanliness and it can be a challenge to keep them clean from the outdoors.
1) Window Screens. The screens take a lot of abuse and before too long, they are grungy. Keeping the window screens clean will only keep it from spreading onto the glass behind the window. It also helps to simply store the screens during the colder months when you do not leave the windows open.
2) Maintain Landscaping. All year long homeowners should ensure their landscaping is well-manicured. All the trees, bushes, and even the grass needs to be trimmed back away from the windows to minimize the dust and debris that can blow up on the windows. This will allow your windows to gleam longer.
3) Adjust Sprinklers to Not Spray Windows. Water spots, especially hard water spots are troublesome as they continue to leave layers over each time the sprinkler hits the window. Be sure to adjust your sprinkler system so they do not come into contact with your windows.
4) Keep Barbecue Grill Away from Windows. Spices, sauces, grease, smoke residue, and layers of ash produced from burning coal or film of propane will accumulate onto your windows where the BBQ grill is in close proximity to the beautifully cleaned windows. These substances will quickly make the windows look cloudy, stained, and gritty. Make sure the grill is 4-5 feet away from the windows to avoid the unsightly mess on freshly cleaned windows.

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