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Extend the Life of Upholstery in Newington, CT; Tips to Deep Clean a Sofa or Couch

December 2, 2017

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Upholstery is much like carpets and rugs. Among other items in your home, they are susceptible to wear and tear and different elements that can expedite the deterioration and make them look old and unsightly all too soon. If maintenance is neglected, they expire even sooner than that. Upholstery requires a number of practices to maintain its beauty and last. We at AmeriBest Carpet Cleaning would like to remind owners the proper cleaning, maintenance, and preventative habits keep upholstery looking youthful, vibrant and to make it last beyond the expected lifespan.

What Stains Sofas?

Many families can attest to the difficulty in keeping upholstery in prime condition for even five years, but depending on the quality of the fabric and the type of materials used for the upholstery, it can last on average between 7 and 15 years. Not only does repeated use cause deterioration, the upholstery can be impacted by a variety of elements in most households. Several examples include the following; a buildup of dust, dirt, and debris, food and beverage spills, human sweat, pet hair or fur along with their dander, pet accidents, chemical spills and other substance contact, exposure to direct sunlight and so much more.

Tips to Deep Clean a Couch

To keep your upholstery looking bright, fresh, and to last apply the following suggestions below to your routine.
1) Research proper care. The label tags should be kept intact to remind you of proper cleaning, treatments, and what to avoid in care of the upholstery. If you are uncertain and the label is gone, research the type of upholstery to learn the basic care.
2) Block direct sunlight. Ensure the blinds, curtains, or other treatments to block the sun during the peak hours if your upholstery is beamed from of the sun throughout any part of the day. The sun’s rays shining down on the upholstery daily will cause the patterns and colors to fade and dry out the fabric.
3) Rotate couch cushions often. To avoid divots and to even out the wear, rotate the cushions every time you vacuum if the cushions are reversible.
4) Control pet hair. Pet hair is as detrimental as dirt and debris. Whether or not they are allowed on the furniture, the pet’s hair, fur, and dander will settle on the surface. Keep a lint brush or dish glove handy to routinely collect the pet hair and dander.
5) Vacuum regularly. As people sit on the upholstered furnishings, the accumulated dirt, dust, allergens and other debris on the surface will be pushed into the upholstery. Not only will routine vacuuming remove the settles debris from the surface, but a lot of the penetrated particulates can be extracted. Vacuuming once a week or as frequently as needed can help keep your upholstery from looking dull. Spot clean any spills as soon as they occur to avoid stains according to the label.
6) Invest in professional cleaning. Upholstery should be deeply cleaned by a trained professional on an annual bases or more so if needed. The filth that didn’t get removed with vacuuming, along with stains and odors are also removed.

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