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How to Fix Carpet Discoloration from Phenolic Yellowing & Off Gassing in Southington, CT; Professional Carpet Cleaning & Furniture Rearrangement

May 12, 2017

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When you go to move your couch, sofa, loveseat, rug or table etc off your carpet you may notice some coloration problems. After your carpet was installed, you most likely arranged the room in a way that was pleasing. The problem comes when you get a piece of furniture and you want to arrange the room in a different way. Most of the time the carpet was protected under these items and that means they will look cleaner than the exposed, higher traffic areas. The color that you are seeing is most often the original color of the carpet. The rest of the carpet is dirty and stained and that can make the newly arranged room look bad. You want to have a fresh look to the carpet and that is why it is important to have them cleaned and the furniture moved when you do it. Another problem that you might find when you move the furniture is that your carpet has started turning yellow. This is a reaction that can occur based on chemical compounds.

AmeriBest Carpet Cleaning Explains How to Fix Carpet Discoloration from Phenolic Yellowing & Off Gassing

What Causes Your Carpet To Turn Yellow: When you go to move a piece of furniture only to find the carpet has turned yellow, you will want to know what happened. The carpet that has turned yellow is what is referred to as phenolic yellowing. This is a reaction that occurs because of a chemical compound that is often found in your carpet, padding or glue. It is called butylhydroxyltoluene or BHT and is in the carpet fibers or other material. The issue is if your carpet has BHT, it needs to time to breathe. The BHT releases off the carpet called off gassing and that needs air around it. When you place a large object such as a rug, couch or book case on top, you are blocking the air that is needed. The BHT then has to bounce back to the carpet and that is what will cause the carpet to yellow. Phenolic yellowing can actually occur on any textile fabric.
How to Repair Phenolic Yellowing on Your Carpet: This is a reaction that happens to the carpet and it changes the carpets make up. That means that the color has been changed and there is no way to remove the yellowing. You can look into having your carpet dyed as an option. The other option is to have your carpets pulled out and new carpet installed. The better option is to do all you can to prevent phenolic yellowing.
How To Stop Phenolic Yellowing on Textiles: The BHT that is found in some carpets, padding, glue and rugs need to be able to breathe. That means if you have BHT in your carpet you want to move your furniture off the carpet and rugs and have them cleaned on a regular basis. The carpet will be getting cleaned and allowed the time to breathe. This is the best way to prevent any yellowing from occurring.

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