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Health & Other Benefits of Professional Steam Carpet Cleaning in Bristol, CT; Improved Indoor Air Quality, Cleaner, Dryer Carpets & More

February 22, 2017

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Carpets are quite the investment. They add the right flare to the style of décor we are shooting for. Adding a soft place to walk and lounge on, the carpets in our homes play a large role towards the ultimate indoor comfort. When it comes to keeping them in optimal condition and increasing their projected lifespan, all it takes is a little diligence, maintenance, and professional care. Today, we at Ameri-Best Carpet Cleaning would like to list the benefits and advantages to utilizing a professional to clean your carpets once a year or more often as needed.

Health & Other Benefits of Professional Steam Carpet Cleaning

1) Hiring a carpet cleaner saves time. The inferior do it yourself carpet cleaning takes far longer than the experienced professional performing the service. Professionals can complete the service in half the time as the untrained homeowner can, as well as provide much better results that you can obtain with a plug in store bought or rental machine!
2) Commercial steam carpet cleaning machines. Licensed professionals have access to premium quality products and equipment. In comparison, department store detergents are heavily diluted and ineffective at cutting out stains and neutralizing odors. The equipment available to consumers doesn’t have the capability of extracting the water, filth and cleaning agents during the cleaning service. Professionals utilize high-end products and equipment exclusively available to licensed professionals and can use them in a proficient manner.
3) Improve indoor air quality. Professional carpet cleaning services remove the bacteria, fungus, dirt, and debris as well as any mold spores that might be festering deep within the fibers. Removing the animal dander, pollen, dust, dust mites and other allergens from the carpet can dramatically improve the indoor air quality and help chronic allergy sufferers find some relief.
4) Carpet odor and stain removal. Many stains and odors derived from our pets, as well as food or drink smells and stains, along with mildew odor and other related smells and stains on your carpet can be more effectively extracted and neutralized with professional grade products, equipment, and expertise.
5) Extend carpet longevity. Along with daily maintenance, getting annual carpet cleaning services from a professional can extend the carpet’s longevity and overall condition.
6) Peace of mind. Clean carpets are one of the contributing factors that help people feel more calm and relaxed. Getting a professional to clean your carpets also give the owner peace of mind that the job is done efficiently.
7) Enhance the home’s aesthetics. Dingy, dull carpets can bring down the look of your living areas, no matter how pristine and well groomed they are. Professional carpet cleaning makes carpets vibrant and fresh, making it compliment the room instead of worsening it.
8) Carpet cleaning efficiency. Stubborn stains, heavy foot traffic dark trail, and even odors can be a challenge. Getting an licensed professional to execute the deep carpet cleaning can assure you it is done right the first time. Professionals leave your carpet clean, sanitized, and deodorized.

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