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How Much Does Carpet Cleaning Cost in New Britain, CT? Price Per Square Foot, Old Stains & More

January 27, 2018

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Now that we are into a new year and people are making adjustments in many areas of life, budgeting is always a top pick. There is of course health, organization and money that seem to be a running theme for New Year’s resolutions. When you put all of those together having a good clean carpet should be on the list. When you have your carpets cleaned in your house you are increasing the health in your home. The air quality will increase as well as the removal of debris that can cause rashes and other problems. You also get to enjoy more organization when you have your carpets cleaned. That is because you have to clear the area that is being cleaned and most people will spend time putting their items where they belong. The last part of many New Year resolutions happens to be budgeting. You will need to put your carpet cleaning on your budget but most people don’t have any idea on what that would cost them. Although most companies have their own pricing chart there are some things that you can consider to determine if there will be any added costs.

Ameribest Carpet Cleaning Outlines What is Considered When a Bid is Placed For Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning Prices Per Square Foot: One of the most used bit of information that a carpet cleaning company will use is the size of the house. When you call to ask about carpet cleaning they want to know how many rooms. That is because they are doing their best to figure out the square footage of the space they will be cleaning. The reason this matter is because the bigger the room, the more cleaning solutions are needed the more time that it will end up taking. If you tell them that you have three rooms and they show up to see a huge room that is the living area the price will likely be adjusted. It is better to let them know that you are getting an oversized room cleaned as well as two standards rooms. This means you are less likely to have a surprise cost on your final bill.
Are There Old Stains on Carpets?: Of course all carpet will have some stains and spills on them. That is to be expected and is not necessarily a big problem. They are ready to treat some stains here and there but you want to be sure that you let them know of any major stains. This might include red juice stains or gum on the carpet that you them to remove. These excess stains will need some special treatment that is a longer process then a standard cleaning.
High Traffic on Carpet: There are some homes that are quite with a couple that live a peaceful life and there are some homes that are loaded full of kids and pets and more. The homes that are more active and have more foot traffic whether it is from people or pets can cause high traffic areas that need to be cleaned more so than the rest of the carpet. The treatment will help to balance out the color of the carpet so that those darker walkways are back to normal.

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