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How Often Should Carpets Be Deep Cleaned With Pets in Your Southington, CT Home?

January 13, 2018

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Professional carpet cleaning is far more beneficial than what people think. The carpets in both commercial and residential locations can be kept in remarkable condition, uphold their beautiful appearance, and surpass their projected lifespan in addition to diligent vacuuming, spot removal, and overall care provided by the owners. Manufacturers and other experts in the industry strongly recommend that the carpets be professionally deep cleaned once a year or more frequently as necessary. Unless you keep a projected calendar a year in advance, some forget when the annual date is because the carpets appear optimal. Even so, to reap the benefits of professional cleaning, pristine looking carpets or not, we at Ameri-Best Carpet Cleaning would like to share the warning signs your past do for a professional carpet cleaning, or it needs to happen before the year mark.

Vacuuming Only Removed Surface Dirt & Dust

As mentioned before, even carpets that appear clean and meticulous still require professional annual cleaning. The reason being is that even with routine vacuuming, there is still debris, dirt, and particles that slip below the surface, and over time, often within the year, the accumulation acts as an abrasion, routine foot traffic is the friction, which results in a sandpaper-like effect taking place under the carpets, damaging it from the back up. Deep professional cleaning removes the filth to minimize the damage and avoid the soil from penetrating back to the surface along with any odors or stains that might occur along the way.

How Often Should Carpets Be Deep Cleaned?

Commercial carpets should be cleaned every 6 months and residential carpets every 12 months, unless the carpets manifest any of the below red flags.
1) Smelly carpets. Smelling any unpleasant or foul odors can be a challenge to neutralize with home remedies. There are countless derivatives of carpet odors; the most common examples include pet accidents, household spills, daily activities, and chemical use. Where vacuuming, premade cleaners, and household natural products fall short, professional carpet cleaning is effective. A deep carpet cleaning is ideal to restore carpets back to a fresh and clean state.
2) Carpet color looks dull or faded. Carpets fade with time, not only will the dull effects of dingy filth building up, but also with, foot traffic and the sunlight shining directly down on the carpets through windows. In addition to preventative measure, professional carpet cleaning can keep your carpets vibrant. To prevent sun fading, keep the curtains drawn or the blinds down during the peak hours the sun shines through. Consider also investing in runners, walk-off mats, and area rugs to avoid the full impact of foot traffic.
3) Carpet allergies. Often responsible for triggering allergies, is the dust, dust mites, pet dander and so forth, the same debris that is building up under the surface of your carpets. Experiencing redundant symptoms like eyes tearing up, sneezing, difficulty breathing, and runny noses more often than normal, indicates an allergen buildup. Allergies along with other respiratory problems such as asthma and related issues can be alleviated with the help of professional carpet cleaning.

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