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How RX No Sanding Wood Refinishing Works in Plainville, CT; Steps to Remove Scuff Marks, Scratches & More

December 21, 2017

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For those who don’t like the mess of sawdust when hardwood floors need to be refinished, the RX wood refinishing method is superior. The RX wood refinishing method sufficiently refinishes wood floors without the mess of sawdust, which helps reduce sawdust particles in the air and leaving a mess that seems to take weeks to clean. Ameribest Carpet Cleaning will explain how RX wood refinishing works and why some may prefer using this method to refinish wood floors.

Refinishing Hardwood Floors Without Need for Sanding

RX wood refinishing, or the no sanding method, uses a chemical cleaner to repair the surface of the wood. Sanding can damage the wood surface if it is not done correctly. Additionally, the sanding process in refinishing wood floors takes more time and labor; not to mention all the pesky sawdust that gets everywhere. The RX method works wonders on wood floors with surface damages such as:
Scuff Marks – Scuff marks seem all but impossible to clean and these can leave a permanent blemish on your wood floors. The only way to correct these blemishes is to refinish the floor. Again, the RX methods works wonders on scuff marks.
Scratches – Scratches, both deep and shallow, can be eliminated with the RX method. The chemical that is used by the RX method removes the ridges and fills in the scratches in the wood.
Worn Discolored Floors – Aged wood wears down and ages over time. It loses its color and looks dull. The RX method revitalized the look and the surface of the wood.

RX Hardwood Floor Refinish Steps

The process of the RX refinishing method can be described in three simple steps. The RX method is both fast and is easily done with the same amazing results.
Step 1. The first step is to remove the original finish of the wood to expose the wood surface.
Step 2. The second step repairs the scratches, scuffs, and other imperfections in the wood. There are different methods used to repair the imperfections found on the wood’s surface. However the RX chemical cleaning is also designed to fill in those types of damages.
Step 3. The final step is using the RX formula, which cleans, fills in the cracks, and protects the wood. The RX formula leaves behind a protective sealer that is durable and helps extend the life of wooden floors.
For wood floors with moderate damage, the RX no sanding method is one of the most recommended choices for restoration. However, for severe damage, make sure you seek professional advice in which method will restore your wood floor the best.

RX Hardwood Floor Refinishing & More in Avon, Canton, Simsbury, Farmington, Southington, Plantsville, Bristol, CT & Hartford County, Connecticut

When your wood floors begin to look scuffed, scratched, or discolored through use and age, contact Ameribest Carpet Cleaning and ask about the RX hardwood floor refinishing service. You might find this is the perfect method to renew your wood floor with far less hassle. If you need RX hardwood floor refinishing services, or any of the other many services that Ameribest Carpet Cleaning provides, contact and schedule Ameribest Carpet Cleaning to come to your home or business today.

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