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How to Clean & Get Red Lipstick & Pink Lipgloss Stains Out of Carpet in Windsor Locks, CT

April 26, 2019

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A stain on your carpet is something you have to deal with at some point. The stain can be from anything that is dropped or spilled on the carpet. You might have a child with glass of juice, a cat that knocks your coffee mug off the table and more. There are some stains that are harder to handle and to deal with while others can be done with a little more ease. The other problem is that many of the stains need specialized treatment to get them out. One of the stains that you will need to be prepared to treat is lipstick. Many people use lipstick and they are usually a fun color such as red, pink and all the neutral colors as well. It is a good idea to know what it takes to get a lipstick stain out of your carpet. Ameribest Carpet Cleaning outlines the best way to get a lipstick stain out of your carpet.

What Makes Lipstick Hard to Remove?

One of the reasons that lipstick is hard to get out of your carpet is the ingredients that are often used in making it. The lipstick will usually have wax, oil and pigment that is there to create the color. The wax and oil are not good to get on any type of textile and can be quiet hard to remove from the carpet. The other reason is that the pigment that is in the lipstick also is in there to create a dye or stain that is intended to last. That means that if the pigment is on the carpet it can then cause a stain on the carpet that will be hard to get out. You want to make sure that you know what the stain is made of so that you have the best chance to clean it off.

Remove Excess Lipstick from Carpet

Lipstick is usually a soft solid and that means that unless it has been melted it will not drip and spread out once it hits the carpet. The lipstick will hold shape until you touch it, step on it or spread it around. You want to do what you can to get as much of the solid lipstick off as you can. You can do this with a spoon that you can use to scoop up the excess. You can also use a cloth to pinch at the spot to grab as much as you can. This will allow you the opportunity to clean the rest of the stain.

Remove the Lipstick Stain

Now you want to make sure that you clean the spot that is now remaining. You want to use a dry cleaning solution and a clean cloth that you want to moisten. The area needs to be cleaned with a cloth that has the cleaning solution on it and dabbed at the spot. This can be repeated many times as necessary to remove the color and the stain.

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