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How to Clean & Remove Dried Milk & Old Chocolate Stains from Carpet in New Britain, CT

June 2, 2018

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Most people love having carpet in their home as it makes it feel cozy and comfortable. Many have small children and pets running around everyday and the carpet gives them better traction from falling, and cushioning when do, while they chase each other around. Keeping carpets clean can be somewhat challenging these days, but a lot of satisfaction is felt when guests come over for dinner and compliment how clean the floors are. With it being spring now and the warmer weather making an appearance you may have noticed an influx of mysterious stains popping up everywhere. Of all the possible carpet stains, there are a couple that pop up and must be treated more often than others. Today Ameribest Carpet Cleaning will share those with you along with a few helpful tips on how to successfully remove them.

How to Remove Chocolate Stains from Carpet

Every year, $83,000,000,000 worth of chocolate is bought and sold around the world. The U.S. alone sells about 58 million pounds of chocolate just during the Valentines rush! If you ever find yourself staring at a piece of chocolate that has been stained onto your floor, have no fear, Ameribest Carpet Cleaning has some helpful tips to remove it. First if the chocolate happens to be wet, place an ice cube into a clean white rag and place it on the stain. This should help it to return to a solid state. After the chocolate has hardened up, you will want to use a dull butter knife to gently scrape up as much as possible. When you’ve completed this step, you will want to vacuum up any pieces of chocolate that have become loose and flaked off. Next, cover the affected area with a clean, dry rag. Grab a clothes iron and set it to the lowest non-steam heat setting possible. After it has warmed up, gently and slowly put the iron on top of the rag, you should start to see the chocolate lifting from the carpet onto the rag. When most of the chocolate has lifted, use a mixture of 2 cups warm water, and 1 TBSP of dish detergent in a spray bottle to spray the stain. Use a clean white rag and blot until the stain is gone.

How to Clean Dried Milk Out of Carpet

Nothing smells worse than soured milk that has been spilled onto the carpet. If the milk stain is still wet, use a clean cloth to blot as much moisture up as possible. Then you will want to get a bowl and make a mixture of 2 cups warm water, 1TBSP of dish detergent, and 2 TBSP of white vinegar. You will apply this mixture to the spot with either a clean sponge or a clean cloth working the stain from the outside in, so you don’t spread it more. Next, use a clean, dry cloth to blot up any remaining moisture. It’s a good idea to pour baking soda over the spot and allow it to sit overnight. The next morning you will want to vacuum up the remainder of baking soda left from the night before.

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So, there we have it. We hope these tips can help you out but no home remedy can get your carpets as clean as steam cleaning will. Having your carpets professionally steam cleaned a few times a year will reduce allergens, dust mites, and kill 99% of the bacteria that lingers even after we do a thorough cleaning ourselves.

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