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How to Clean & Remove Spilled Wet or Dry Nail Polish Stains from Carpet in Bristol, CT

March 31, 2018

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There are some spills and stains that happen to get on your carpet that seem to be impossible to get rid of. One of them is nail polish! Nail polish is a form of paint that most people use on their nails to polish them. It is made to get in the nail and stay there so when it spills on your carpet the cleanup can seem hard. If you have young girls in your house it seems that a normal pastime is to paint their nails. The problem is that they are not always careful and might lay on the carpet to paint. This means that the bottle could be tipped over and spilled on your carpet. If you happen to notice there is paint from nail polish on your carpets there are some methods you can use to get it cleaned.

Ameribest Carpet Cleaning Lists Steps to Get Wet Or Dry Nail Polish Off Your Carpets

Cleaning Wet Nail Polish From Your Carpet: If you are watching someone paint their nails and you see the spill happen you are lucky. You know have the chance to clean it before it has time to attach to the fibers and dry. You need to use the right method to get the stain off the carpet and not allow it to spread out. First off get a metal spoon and use it to scoop up as much of the excess that you can so that it will not spread out. Then you can use a cloth to dab at the rest of the paint so to get as much of the paint off before you start the cleaning process. The next step will require you to get a product that is best suited for your carpet. You want to avoid using acetone to treat the spot. A better substitute is to use hairspray or window cleaner. Be sure you test an area of the carpet so you can tell how it will react. Then soak the area and start to dab away with a clean cloth until it is clean.
How to Get Dried Nail Polish Stains Out of Carpet: If you didn’t know that your teenager spilled nail polish last week and it has had time to dry you need to clean it another way. You still start with a metal spoon but you want to use the back side and scrape what you can away. Be gentle so that you don’t cause damage to the carpet fibers. You can then vacuum the area to remove the bits that have been cracked off the carpet. You can then get a cleaner like hair spray, hydrogen peroxide or even window cleaner. You want to soak the area with the cleaner that you choose and allow it to sit. Then dab at the spot to remove the paint.
Follow Up Carpet Cleaning: The last step that you need to take is to clean the space after you have gotten the nail polish off. You can use warm water mixed with dish soap to clean the area after. This will help to remove the cleaner that you use to get the nail polish off the space. It is also a good idea to call a professional to have your carpets cleaned thoroughly.

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