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How to Get Gorilla, Wood, Super, Elmer's School & Other Glue Out of Carpet in Bloomfield, CT

September 28, 2017

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Carpets are exposed to so many elements every day that it is inevitable for a carpet not to get stains and from many different sources. One source that can damage and stain carpet if not cleaned correctly is glue. Glue can pose a serious problem. Come will try to cut the glue out or scrub the glue with abrasive chemicals in order to get it out of the carpets. Ameribest Carpet Cleaning will share how to get glue out of your carpet while you puzzle over how it got there in the first place.

How to Clean Glue Wet Stains from Carpet

It is best to get to glue while it is still wet. Dried glue becomes a serious pain to get out of carpet. If you see the spilled glue while it is still wet, get a paper towel and dab at the glue. Try not to spread the glue or push the glue deeper into the carpet’s fibers when you dab at the glue. You’ll want to pick up as much as possible with a paper towel. Make sure to change the paper towel position each time you dab at the glue so you don’t spread more it around and make a bigger mess. With most of the glue picked up by the paper towel, you will want to mix warm water and vinegar together in a spray bottle or in a bowl. Either dab a cloth in the bowl or spray the mixture onto the glue. The vinegar and warm water will help dissolve the glue in the carpet. Blot at the glue until it is gone. After the carpet has had time to dry, vacuum the cleaned areas to restore the carpet’s fluff.

Removing Dried Glue from Carpet

If you discovered the glue after it had time to dry, you will need to take extra steps. Some people when they discover a dry glue spot, will try to pull it off their carpet. In most cases you will just damage the carpet. If you have discovered a dried glue spot on your carpet, get a brown paper bag and a thin cloth. Put the brown paper bag on the glue and lay the cloth over the paper. Then with a heated clothing iron, press down on the glue. Make sure that you don’t press down too hard because this will only make the glue seep deeper into your carpet. In most cases, the glue will be absorbed onto the brown paper bag. Once again, when the glue has softened and most of the glue has been removed. Used the warm water mixed with vinegar and clean the glue just like before. Again, vacuum after the cleaned area has dried to restore the carpet’s fluff.

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There are some additional methods of removing dried glue spots as well. One method is to use a butter knife to scrape off the glue. However, sometimes the carpet can get damaged by this method. Some will also use scissors to cut the glue out of the carpet. This works great if there is only a small area of glue. For those who encounter glue on their carpets, these are some methods to remove the glue and clean your carpet without damaging your carpet. If you find you need any of the many services that Ameribest Carpet Cleaning provides, contact us today!

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