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How to Get Ground in Dirt, Soil Stains & Muddy Footprints Out of Carpet in Bloomfield, CT

December 9, 2017

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You know that your carpets are going to have some spills and stains that need to be taken care of. The carpets are a fabric that like other textiles will soak up any spills that may occur. That is why it is extremely important to know the best method to clean each type of spill. This can be a child with sticky hands from candy, pets that have an accident and people bringing in debris from outdoors. These are each common problem and stains that happen to homes that have a unique way to clean. One type of mess that gets on carpets particularly in the winter is mud! This is not just your standard dirt that can be removed with a commercial grade vacuum but it also includes water as well. This is a tricky substance to clean off of carpet and needs to be done in a very particular way.

Ameribest Carpet Cleaning Outlines the Steps Needed to Remove Mud From Your Carpet & How You Can Prevent Ground in Dirt Stains

Wait for Mud to Dry: When it comes to stains on your carpet there is one thing that is consistent and that is to get cleaning fast! You want to start cleaning the spill or stain as soon as it happens. This has always been to stop the stain from spreading or even getting down into the fibers and backing. The exception to the rule is when you are dealing with a stain that occurs from mud! The mud is dirt that has been moistened and when it gets on the carpet it is still in that state. You want to refrain from working in the mud spot while it is wet because that will actually spread it out further. When you have a muddy footprint it is best to give it time to dry completely before you make any effort to clean it from the carpet.
Remove the Dried Mud from Carpet: Now that you have waited it out and allowed the mud to dry you have a substance that you can start to remove from the carpet. The dried mud has essentially now turned from dirt and water to just dirt. It will look compacted and possibly hardened but it will start to turn to dust when agitated. You can start the process by breaking up the dirt with a hard object or use the hose attachment on your vacuum. Be sure to go slow and steady first to ensure that the mud is dry and also so that you don’t cause the dust to fly up in the air. Be sure that you use diligence when doing this part so you can remove as much of the dirt as possible.
Have the Carpets Professionally Cleaned: The last step is to have the carpets cleaned. You want to use a professional carpet cleaner to make sure that the left over discoloration is removed completely without causing the mud to reappear.

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