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How to Have Clean & Spotless Inside & Outside Glass Windows for Longer in Bristol, CT

July 20, 2017

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Investing in a professional window cleaning for your home from time to time, or even on a routine schedule is a great solution for getting the windows a maximum level of clean. When it comes to a professional window cleaning, they are left crystal clear, smudge and streak free, and the benefits are amazing. But all too soon, the windows can become cloudy and spotted. We at Ameri-Best Carpet Cleaning would like to share some tips and a little advice on how you can stretch out professional quality window clean in between visits.

Best Exterior Outside Window Cleaning Solutions

With so many elements factoring in the lifespan of the window cleaning, it can be difficult to preserve the glow, however, there are still some things in your control that you can do keep those windows glistening.
1) Adjust Sprinklers to Spray Away from Windows. Hard water spots are one of the most stubborn blemishes to remove from glass windows. Take note of your sprinkler system, if it is reaching your windows, get them adjusted so they are just out of reach.
2) Move Barbecue Grill Away from Windows. The BBQ grill in close proximity to your windows results in your windows being tarnished by sauces, smoke residue, grease, and layers of ash produced from burning coal. The buildup of these assailants can make your windows cloudy, stained, and filthy. Keep the grill approximately 4-5 feet away from your windows.
3) Clean Window Screens. When the window screens are utilized throughout their season, periodic cleaning is necessary to remove the accumulation of outdoor debris that frequently gets trapped on it. To minimize contaminating your windows by that debris, keeping the dirt and grime off the screens will help significantly. If you prefer to remove screens during the colder months and have them stored in a cleaner location where wear is minimized.
4) Maintain Landscaping. The vegetation found in the landscaping should be maintained and groomed all year long. We encourage that the trees and bushes be trimmed and pruned away from your windows. Pollen film, dust, and other debris buildup on the windows can be greatly reduced and those windows will gleam longer following a professional cleaning.

Easy Ways to Keep Interior Inside Windows Clean

There are many elements within your home that can flaw those freshly cleaned windows. Consider applying the items listed below to extend the shine of your freshly cleaned windows.
1) Clean Around the Window. Frames, window sills, and panes should be periodically cleaned inside and out to avoid the filth from spreading onto your window glass.
2) Clean Floors. Floors that are swept and/or vacuumed daily can keep the excessive volumes from wafting into the air and settling on the window’s surface.
3) Routine Dusting. Like the floors, keeping the surfaces clear from dust can prevent the excess particles from inflicting the windows. Ceiling fans, bookshelves, tables, light fixtures and drapes should be kept cleaned to keep your windows sparking longer.
4) Avoid Burning Candles Etc. Avoid lighting candles, incense, or other products that burn around the windows. The added fragrance and ambient lighting are excellent accessories for any living space, but the smoke produced will deposit a film on the glass. Use these little accents at least 3 feet away to keep your windows clear.

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