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How to Keep Carpet Clean, Fluffy & Protected From Sun & Damage in High Traffic Areas in Bristol, CT

July 7, 2017

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The carpet in your home is a large investment; one that you want to safeguard. Over the course of time, you will find that it is only natural for wear and tear to take place. There are several steps you can take to reduce the amount of wear and tear that happens, and they don’t take much effort. AmeriBest Carpet Cleaning is here to share several ways that you can extend the life of your carpet.

Carpet Spill Emergency Response Plan

When you notice a spill has happened, work quickly to remove it. When you allow a spill to sit on your carpet for a long period of time before removing it, chances are much higher that the stain will be permanent. Even if it isn’t permanent, it will be much more difficult to remove when it has had the time to set deep into the fibers of your carpet. When removing spills, get rid of the excess liquid or other substance that was spilled and then work by blotting the spot to remove it completely. Don’t ever scrub. This will work the spill deeper into your carpet rather than remove it.

How Often Should You Vacuum Your House With Pets?

You may think that vacuuming once a week should be good enough to keep your carpets clean. They might visibly look clean, but there is fine dirt and dust that needs to be removed from the fibers to avoid damaging them.

Use Washable Rugs & Runners at Entryways

The dirt and debris found on the bottom of shoes doesn’t only damage your carpet, but it can leave behind unsightly black marks in high traffic areas. This soiling is difficult to remove and can cause permanent damage to your carpet fibers. Using rugs at the entryways will help remove that dirt and debris from the bottom of shoes. The best option would be to remove shoes all together when entering the home. This will eliminate the problem completely.

Rotate Furniture Occasionally

When you rotate your furniture occasionally, you are changing the traffic patterns of the room. This helps even out the wear on your carpet so there aren’t only certain areas that look worn over the course of time.

How to Keep Carpet from Fading in the Sun

The sun is hard on your carpet. Those areas where direct sunlight hits your carpet for long periods of time throughout the day will leave your carpet faded and worn. Using window shades will allow you to block the damaging sunlight from your carpet during the times direct sunlight fills the room.

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One of the best things you can do for your carpet is to schedule a deep cleaning twice a year with a professional carpet cleaning company like AmeriBest Carpet Cleaning. Spot removal is important, but the deep cleaning you get when you hire a professional will remove the dirt and debris deep in the fibers of your carpet most effectively. Let us help you extend the life of your carpet. Call us today!

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