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How to Make Your Windows Shine & Sparkle in New Britain, CT In Between Professional Window Cleaning

November 17, 2017

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The windows to your home are more important than many realize. They provide your residence with natural lighting, share some vitamin D rich sun rays, and offer additional services. Having them cleaned periodically is not only a good maintenance tool to keep the windows in working order, but the cleanliness itself can improve your mood, as well as the additional benefits, windows in general serve. Today, we at AmeriBest Carpet Cleaning would like to list some tips to help preserve the longevity of recent professionally cleaned windows.

Best Ways to Keep Outside Windows Clean

1. A well manicured landscape can help preserve your clean windows. Keeping trees pruned, bushes trimmed and grass clipped away from your home can help prevent any debris they may be covered in from smearing around on your windows. Along with that, pests that are attracted to vegetation won’t be inclined to get a closer view of your abode and smear substances along your windows.
2. Avoid sprinklers hitting the glass. Hard water stains can be difficult to remove from glass. Ensuring your sprinklers are not in the proximity can keep water spots from blemishing the freshly cleaned windows.
3. Keep BBQ grills at least four feet away from your windows. Between the smoky film, the greasy spatters and the haze of herbs and spices reaching your windows surface, the BBQ grill can quickly turn your freshly clean windows into a messy heap.
4. Keep garbage cans at least five feet away. Let’s face it, there are many folks who believe they have an inner Michael Jordan in them, and often waste becomes a ball, and the trash can become the hoop. With potential gross substances that can inflict windows, it is best to keep tempting filthy bins away from freshly cleaned windows.
5. Screens should be cleaned before getting a professional window cleaning service to avoid contact transfer.

How to Keep Interior Windows Clean

There are a few offenders that can blemish a window from the inside.
1. Avoid lighting ambient or scented candles with three feet of freshly cleaned windows. The smoke can deposit a filmy haze on your windows.
2. Ensure blinds and curtains are cleaned, prior to window cleaning to avoid contact transfer of dust and debris. Having the blinds and curtains cleaned enhances the glass’ cleanliness.
3. Keep blinds down with little wandering fingers present to avoid the smudges.

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These are just some of the helpful tips you can do to help preserve the crystal clear shine of your windows that were just professionally cleaned. When you find your windows could use a professional touch, call the experts at Ameribest Carpet Cleaning. We have programs and services that can include consecutive maintenance to keep your windows looking marvelous at all times. We service both commercial businesses and residential homes. Call us today to schedule your appointment, and we will do the rest!

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