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How to Prevent Mold on Carpet & Padding After Flood or Water Damage in Harwinton, CT

March 10, 2018

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The idea of finding mold inside your home is never a good one, and homeowners are often at a loss when it comes to predicting exactly which areas may be affected. According to the knowledgeable experts at Ameribest Carpet Cleaning, your carpets are the perfect vessel for mold growth. Why? Because your carpet acts like a giant sponge that is capable of catching all manner of dirt and debris. Unfortunately dirt and dust creates the perfect condition for mold to take hold and grow. How do you prevent mold growth from affecting your carpets? Keep reading to learn the top five tips from leading carpet manufacturers.

Preventing Mold in Your Carpet

1. Antimicrobial carpet padding: If you are thinking about replacing the carpets in your home, consider antimicrobial carpet padding which is resistant to bacteria, mold, and many other antigens. Antimicrobial carpet padding is a little more expensive than standard carpet padding but it pays for itself in the long run especially if you live in an area that has high levels of humidity. Remember, where there is moisture mold is sure to follow.
2. Regularly clean and vacuum and carpets: Regular vacuuming goes a long way towards ensuring the longevity of your carpets. When dirt, dust, sand and other debris is allowed to collect deep in the fibers of your carpets it creates the perfect atmosphere for moisture to become trapped. Keeping your carpets vacuumed on a regular basis combined with professional carpet cleaning services will give you the advantage of clean carpets year round while also minimizing the amount of exposure to moisture.
3. Keep a check on the humidity levels in your home: Water is the number one ingredient needed for mold to grow and survive, especially when humidity and heat and thrown into the mixture. The higher the humidity levels in your home, the more likely it is for mold spores to spawn. To offset the effect of mold in your home, make sure that you keep the temperature set below 80 degrees, and use dehumidifiers throughout the home whenever possible.
4. Remove standing water as soon as possible: Mold only needs a tiny amount of water to flourish and grow so if you have a spill or water damage due to flooding you should arrange for it to be cleaned and dried as soon as you possibly can. Depending on the extent of the water damage you may need to replace the carpet padding along with your carpet to ensure that you are eliminating the risk of future mold growth.
5. Don’t use carpet in areas that are prone to high humidity: Never install carpet in areas that are prone to accumulating water and humidity such as your bathroom or laundry room, instead use ceramic tile that will allow spills and water to be cleaned up quickly.

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