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How to Prevent Water Damage & Save the Carpets in Your Avon, CT House After a Flood

November 9, 2018

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When a washing machine overflows, or a pipe breaks, water can quickly flood throughout your home. When water hits the floors, they get soaked. If you have carpet near the flooded areas, this is a major problem. Carpet and water create a very difficult mess to clean up. Additionally, if trying to remove water isn't hard enough you then have to clean and dry the carpet before the water has time to damage the carpet and mold to develop. Ameribest Carpet Cleaning will share what to do if your carpet gets flooded and how you can prevent water damage.

Call Water Damage Restoration Companies

When flooding occurs inside your home and your carpet gets soaked, it is best to contact a professional restoration service to help recover your home and carpets. Water damage can occur very quickly. The same is true about mold. Time is key in order to recover your home's carpets. This is why professional service is strongly recommended. They have all of the necessary tools and equipment ready and can help recover your carpets fast. If you plan to use a professional service, call them immediately. While you wait for them to arrive begin taking out the furniture in the affected area and in a place they can be dried and cleaned.

Should Carpet Be Replaced After Water Damage?

Many people assume when their carpets have been flooded that they will need to replace them. There are a few determining factors as to whether carpet can be recovered or replaced. However, in many cases carpets can be recovered. If the carpet is old and filled with contaminates, or the source of flood occurred from dirty water, it is better to replace the carpet. If flooding occurred and the water was left on the carpet for 24 to 48 hours the damage may be too severe, and replacements are often needed. However, if the flood water came from a broken pipe or if the water was clean, the carpet is in good condition, and you reacted quickly, often the carpet can be recovered.

Can You Save Carpet After a Flood?

To recover carpet you will first need to remove all of the water. Depending on the flooding and the location, such as basements, you may require the use of water pumps, and water extraction vacuums. You may need to rent the equipment to remove the water, unless you are using a professional service. During the process of extracting the water out and off the floor you will want fans on, windows open and use a dehumidifier. This will aid the drying out process. Sometimes the top carpet layer may need to be removed as the padding is often replaced or cleaned and dried. Once the padding is clean, dry or replaced, the carpet is placed back in position and secured down. After the carpet is completely dry, your next step is cleaning and treating the carpet. It is important to clean and treat carpet for mold and other fungal growth to ensure a healthy home.

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If you have experienced a flood and your carpet was affected, contact Ameribest Carpet Cleaning. We provide water damage restoration services and can help recover your home after a flood.

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