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How to Remove Dried Red Wine Stains from Carpet in New Britain, CT; White Wine & Salt?

January 3, 2019

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The time of year is here that everyone seems to be hosting a family event or get togethers with colleagues and friends. The hosting can be stressful and the planning might be a bit extreme. Most people want to make sure that the house is clean and that the food is prepared when the guests arrive. Giving a good impression is important to most people and that is why they put a lot of time and effort into the planning. The part that is often overlooked is the cleanup when the party has subsided. The work that goes into cleaning a large event at your house can be just as stressful. You have to go around the house and clean up the food and take out the trash. That is also when you might come across a spill that was left by one of the guests. Serving a nice glass of wine is an elegant way to top off the dinner. That is the last thing that you want to find spilled on your carpet but if you do there is a way to clean it off.

Ameribest Carpet Cleaning Outlines what to Do if You Find a Red Wine Stain on Your Carpet the Next Day

Does White Wine Remove Red Wine Stains on Carpet?: You might be thinking that you already had wine spilled on your carpet so why would you add more wine to the carpet but that is the best method. The best way to neutralize the color of red wine is to use white wine and pour it gently over the red wine. Pour slowly and carefully so that you do not over saturate the spot. This will help to start breaking down the red color and let you lift the stain. If you do not have any white wine left over you can use club soda as an alternative. Once you have soaked the area then you can use a clean white wash cloth to blot the area. Be sure that you blot from the outside to the inside changing out the cloth as needed. This will help to ensure that the stain does not extend out further.
Overnight Salt Soak to Clean Red Wine Spills: Now that you have neutralized the color of the wine you want to make sure that you do something to soak up the rest of the moisture. This is where you want to use salt. You can get the large container of salt and pour it over the moisture. Be sure that you use enough so that the salt does not soak through and make a sludge. It is best to have more salt then not enough. Allow the salt to sit on the spot overnight or at least for a few hours. Once the salt has sat overnight you want to pick up the large bits then vacuum the rest of the area.
Clean the Carpet Spot: Now that you have neutralized the color and soaked up the moisture, you want to clean the spot with warm water mixed with dish detergent. This can be sprayed on the area and a rag to remove the stain from the carpet.

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