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How to Remove Haze & Clean Foggy Double Pane Windows in Your Farmington, CT House

August 11, 2018

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A double pane window consists of two separate pieces or panes of glass. The two pieces are sealed together with a small space between each pane of glass. Due to the design of a double pain window, it is prone to fogging up inside. When double pane windows fog up, they look really dirty and reduce visibility through the windows. This is an unfortunate flaw of many double pane windows. As many homes have double pane windows, some will eventually get foggy. Ameribest Carpet Cleaning will share how you can clean or remove the fog from double pane windows.

Challenges of Cleaning Double Pane Windows

Cleaning double pane windows has many challenges which can make it close to impossible to keep clean for long periods of time. Simply put, fogging occurs when the seal between the two panes of glass wears down or fails. Once the seal fails, this allows moisture to seep into the space between the two pieces of glass. In order to clean the fog you will first need to remove the seal and clean each piece of glass. Afterwards, you will then need to put the two panes back together and reseal them. The main challenge is resealing the window or glass door without moisture being present during the time you seal the window. Another challenge is removing the seal without breaking the pane of glass as well. It is a difficult but not impossible task. In most scenarios it is recommended that you replace the door or windows with a single pane window. This removes the issue of foggy windows in the future.

How to Unseal Double Pane Windows

For those who don't have the option to replace their home’s windows and want to give it a try and clean the glass, we’ll provide the steps. However once you remove the seal you will most likely need to keep repeating the process each time you clean your windows until you finally replace them. Additionally each factory or manufacturer designs their window or door products differently. This is why you will first need to determine who made your windows or doors and the process of assembly. Often you can find a guide that will help you remove or disassemble the door or window. Once you’ve determined how to disassemble the window or door you can clean the glass and reassemble the windows. However there are some other additional methods to help remove the fog either after you clean the window or perhaps something you may want to try before disassembling the window first.

How to Clean Streaks, Spots & Haze from Double Pane Windows

You can start by placing a dehumidifier next to the foggy door or window to see if the machine can remove the moisture trapped inside. You can also drill a small hole at the top the door or window (if possible) then use either a drain snake wrapped with pantyhose. Use that to clean the inside of the window. A hanger wrapped with a thin cloth or pantyhose can also work. You can also use a turkey baster to drip in a few drops of alcohol, the alcohol can clean the glass and also help remove the moisture in between the glass.

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Double pane windows were often used due to their strength and durability. However, they are prone to fogging up. Therefore, they can be a challenge to clean. When replacing isn't an option you can try these tips on cleaning double pane windows. If you need a professional window cleaning service, contact Ameribest Carpet Cleaning today.

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