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How to Remove Old Pet Dog & Cat Urine Stains & Odors from Carpet in Barkhamsted, CT

October 7, 2017

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Having a pet, whether it is a cat or dog or other type of furry pet there is an amount of time where they are going to have accidents on the carpet. The pet stains are most often urine and feces (although drool and vomit can also be a problem) and when they are on the carpet can start to soak in and cause odor. Pet stains are a problem when you are trying to clean them for two main reasons. One issue is that the stain that comes from a dog or cat is full of acidity that can not only be hard to neutralize but also can cause damage to your carpets. The other problem is that the dog or cat urine can start to soak into the carpet fibers, backing and padding. That is what causes the smell to permeate the house even after you think the stain has been cleaned and removed. When treating a pet stain and odor, you need to use the proper technique and product to eliminate it.

Ameribest Carpet Cleaning Lists the Best Products to Use When Trying to Treat Your Carpet for Pet Stains & Odor

White Vinegar Can Remove Pet Stains from Carpet: If you happen to see your pet make a mess and urinate on the carpet you want to act fast. You won’t always have a chance to catch the stain while it is still wet so when you do, you want to get on the cleaning process right away. The problem is that pet urine has lots of acidity and if it is not treated correctly it can become an odorous problem. The white vinegar solution will help to neutralize the stain and the smell. You want to mix the white vinegar and cold water and put it in a spray bottle. After you have dabbed away what urine you can you want to use the white vinegar on the area. Saturate as much as you can and start to dab the area to remove the stain as well as the cleaner. You want to then allow the area to dry and you can use a fan.
Baking Soda Carpet Freshener: If you are not able to treat the stain right away but you know that the stain is there you might need to use baking soda. The dry pet stain needs to be treated anyway so the odor can be removed. The stain will continue to emit an odor even if the spot has been dried. You want to use baking soda and spread it over the area and allow it to sit. If you want to keep your beloved pets away from the area while it is working you can use a box turned upside down so that they are not able to contact the baking soda. The baking soda will pull the stain and odor out of the carpet and padding. Then you can vacuum up the baking soda which will also remove the smell that you are wanting to get rid of.

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