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How to Remove Yellow, Hard Water & Other Stains From Bathroom Floor Tiles in Simsbury, CT

April 28, 2018

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Ceramic and porcelain tile are very porous. Therefore, grease, dirt, and kitchen spills can stain your tile. Like carpet, tile also suffers from stains that may seem impossible to remove. However like carpet, most stains can be removed and at the same time, your tile can be deep cleaned. When your tile becomes stained and you feel it’s hopeless when it comes to restoring your tile’s former glory, Ameribest Carpet Cleaning will share how you can clean and restore your tile and remove tile stains.

Tile Stain Removal

There are a few ways you can remove tile stains.
Hydrogen Peroxide Mild Stain Removal from Tile - One way is to use hydrogen peroxide with the assistance of a steam cleaner. Spray the floor with the hydrogen peroxide on the floor and follow it up with hot water in a steam cleaner. However, this method works best in mild stains. For stubborn stains, you will want to switch up methods.
Remove Tile Stains with Muriatic Acid - Another method for removing stubborn tile stains is Muriatic Acid. Many professional tile cleaners will use muriatic acid to remove tough stains on tile. When using muriatic acid, it is important to wear thick or heavy clothing, gloves, eye protection and a breathing mask. It is also recommended to open up windows for ventilation. When using Muriatic acid, use one part muriatic acid to five part water when mixing the two together. Make sure you pour the acid into the water and not the other way around. Next apply the muriatic acid onto the stain and with a hard bristle brush, scrub the stain out of the tile. After using the muriatic acid wash the area with water and discard the remaining mixture. It is important to leave the windows open for a few hours.

How to Clean Stained Grout on Tile Floor

Grout is usually the first thing to get stained and filled with grease, oil, dirt and gunk. Even when your tile looks pristine, the grout can ruin the look of your tile. There are a few ways you can clean grout: there is standard grout cleaner which can be found at hardware stores. Or you can create your own cleaner by using a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda that you make into a paste. You will apply this paste to the grout. After the paste has soaked into the grout for 15 to 30 minutes, pour vinegar over the paste. Scrub the grout with a strong bristled brush. Rinse the grout away with water and wash the tile and grout clean. It’s important when cleaning tile that you also clean the grout. This makes your floors or countertops look clean and completely restore your tile. There comes a time when your grout has been eroded and requires replacing. Most grout is removed with a grout removal saw that breaks out the grout. Afterward you simply reapply new grout. The type of grout varies on application, so follow the manufacturers directions.

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Muriatic acid and grout cleaner can be found in most hardware stores and may become essential to properly remove stains and restore the look of tile floors. If you need help cleaning your tile and grout, contact Ameribest Carpet Cleaning. We provide carpet, upholstery, area rug, tile and hardwood floor cleaning and refinishing services. Contact Ameribest Carpet Cleaning today!

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