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How to Revive Matted Area Rugs & Keep them Clean, Fluffy & Looking New in Bristol, CT

August 31, 2018

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There are area rugs for every budget and it doesn’t matter how much you spend. You want them to look great. Dirty carpets can make a bad impression and leave your home looking disheveled. Rugs are walked on, played on and spilled on. This wear and tear can take a toll on your carpets. Are there ways to keep them looking like they did they day they were installed?

Tips to Keep Your Area Rugs Looking Clean & Like New

1. Vacuum area rugs regularly. Vacuuming your rugs will ensure they last longer and look great too. Vacuum at least once a week, more so for high traffic areas. Make sure to adjustment for the pile height of your rug. If the height is set too low for high pile carpet, it can easily damage your rugs. A setting too high on low pile carpet won’t do a very good job cleaning your rugs.
2. Rotate your area rugs. You can do a lot to extend the life of your rugs by rotating them. This will help even out the foot traffic they get. If you have a rug that sits against a couch, rotate it 180 degrees so both sides of the rug wear evenly. Consider having more than one rug for a given area to “rest” them by switching them out.
3. Control area rug shedding. All rugs will “shed” and lose fibers as they age. They will shed more when they are new and less as they get older. Vacuuming will help control this in the beginning. If you have looped rugs, you won’t have this problem just make sure you don’t pull on stray loops and cut them instead.
4. Protect your area rugs. Furniture can damage your rugs. To prevent this, use protectors on the feet to prevent divots or damage to the fibers. These protectors will even out the pressure from the weight of the furniture to minimize damage. Make sure the legs of your furniture are clean when they are placed on clean carpet.
5. Remove pet hair from area rugs. Having a pet means more hair on your carpet. You can vacuum more often to stay on top of shedding or use a vacuum cleaner that is more effective at picking up pet hair.
6. Avoid the sun shining on area rugs. The sun can cause you carpets to fade and lose their beautiful colors and the windows in your home expose your rugs to the sun. To prevent sun damage, you can move them away from the suns path, if possible. If you can’t move your rugs, try and keep window coverings closed when the sun is shining in.
7. Treat area rug spills and stains. It goes without saying-treat spills and stains as soon as you can. Scoop up solids and blot with a clean cloth. Do not scrub, or you may drive the stain further in the fibers and/or damage them.

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It’s not hard to keep your rugs looking great. Use these tips and contact Ameribest Carpet Cleaning to have your area rugs cleaned professionally. Call us to schedule an appointment today!

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