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How to Tell if Your Carpet Needs a Professional Cleaning in Newington, CT; Stains, Mold & More

October 5, 2018

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Carpet often requires a good professional cleaning. However, the main decision is when your carpet needs attention. As to when a carpet should be professionally cleaned, the answer will vary with each individual household. Often your carpets will have indications or signs that tell you they need to be deep or professionally cleaned. Ameribest Carpet Cleaning will share common signs when carpet needs to be cleaned.

Signs Carpet Needs to Be Cleaned

Carpet Stains: One of the most obvious signs that your carpet needs a thorough deep cleaning is carpet stains. Children and pets can quickly stain up carpets. These stains age your carpets quicker. Certain types of stains not only make your carpet look dirty, they can also damage your carpets if they are left unattended. Most homeowners will base professional carpet cleaning on how dirty their carpets look, which isn't a bad guide line to follow, and is one of the clearest signs that your carpets need a professional cleaning.
Mildew or Mold on Carpet: Connecticut is a coastal state which means we have high levels of humidity. Due to the constant humidity, carpets are prone to developing mold or mildew, especially in areas that don’t have a lot of air flow. Often you will smell mildew or mold before you see it in the carpet. Often the mold or mildew will develop in the carpet's padding, or in the fibers of your carpets. Allow your nose to be your guide. If you smell mold or mildew, inspect your carpet and see if it is the source. If mold or mildew is located in the carpet then this is a definite sign that it is time to have your carpet professionally cleaned.
Shading of High Traffic Carpet Areas: Shading is a term used by professional carpet cleaners. Shading is when high traffic areas have flattened the carpets and made them look dirty. Shading occurs in hallways or common pathways through the home. Professional carpet cleaning can help reduce, and to some extent, repair shading. However, shading cannot be completely reversed. When you mix dirt and high traffic together your carpet will become flat. This is because you are thinning out each fiber of the carpet. The fibers slowly get worn away. As a result, shading is impossible to completely repair. However, by keeping the carpets clean and free of dirt, you can reduce the effects of shading. When you begin to see shading occur, it is time to get your carpet professionally cleaned.
Indoor Allergies: When you are suffering from chronic indoor allergies, often the cause or culprit is your carpets. Carpets can trap dirt, pollen, dander, hair and even the remnants of pests in your carpet. Among a few other sources, carpet is one of the leading causes of indoor allergies. For those with sensitive immune systems, you will know when your carpet needs to be cleaned. Having your carpet professionally cleaned can remove the majority of the contaminates trapped inside the carpet and provide your home a healthier environment.

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