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Is it Really Necessary to Seal Tile & Grout in Plainville, CT; Benefits of Sealing in Shower & More

February 8, 2019

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Many people think of sealants for their grout and tile as simply an added luxury that is not necessary for the overall care. When it comes to tile and grout, they are in fact very durable, but porous, meaning they absorb a lot of moisture, soil, and other debris. As these substances get absorbed into the material, they start to become discolored, stained, dull, and grimy in appearance. Not only do they become unsightly, but they are compromised with potential mold and mildew and the buildup can lead to cracked and broken grout. Sealants are the barrier that helps tile and grout resist staining and buildup. With this in mind, we at Ameri-Best Carpet Cleaning would like to elaborate a bit further on the importance of sealants.

Should You Seal All Types of Grout?

Grout is a mixture of cement and sand in its basic form. This, as mentioned, is the perfect material to absorb water, bacteria and stains. You can prevent mildew and mold, as well as prolong the look, texture and consistency of your grout by sealing it. Epoxy-based grout, however, is one of the exceptions that does not need sealing. Sealant should be directly applied to new tile installation after 48 to 72 hours, long enough for the grout to dry and cure. Ensure the grout is clean and dry and anything that is cracked or chipped is repaired prior to the sealant process. Natural stone tiles and unglazed tile/clay should also be still at the time of installation, as they are also fairly porous materials.

How Often Should You Seal Grout?

At minimum, the sealants should be applied at least every year, and maybe more frequently in highly used areas. Overt time and use, as well as if any inappropriate substances were used for cleaning, the sealants dissolve, requiring for a new application for better protection. Sealing is an inexpensive maintenance that can save you time and money from re-grouting or replacements. Avoiding using harsh chemicals can help you prolong the sealants.

Should You Clean Grout Before Sealing

Ensure the grout and tile have been deeply cleaned and dried before sealing. Any dirt, debris, stains, and moisture will be contained in the grout and tile, so a deep cleaning is essential prior to sealing. It is recommended by some professionals that the cleaning is, and sealing is incorporating into your spring cleaning regime, but whenever is ideal for you, be sure to schedule the maintenance, whether you opt for professional services or doing it yourself.

How to Know if it is Necessary to Seal Tile & Grout Again

If you are unsure your sealant is lasting the year, you can perform a simple test to see if the sealants are still efficient. Simply drop a few drops of water on the tile and grout and if the absorbs quickly, you know it is time to reseal. If the water beads up, the sealant is still intact.

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If you are unsure if the professional contractor who installed the tile and grout sealed it, invest in a professional cleaning and sealing service to ensure it is well protected. Call Ameri-Best Carpet Cleaning today and let our experts get your tile and grout cleaned and sealed with quality assurance.

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