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Is Non Toxic , Eco Friendly, Green Carpet Cleaning Safe For Your Crawling Baby in Farmington, CT & Isn't Dirty Carpet with Dust, Germs, Bacteria & Beetles Worse?

February 25, 2017

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There are some people who believe that having their carpets cleaned is bad if they have a small baby at home. Many people let the baby lay on the ground to enjoy some free time. That means they will likely be crawling around and rolling on the carpets. Many, many years ago carpet cleaning companies used chemicals that were harsh if they were exposed to a person’s skin. The skin of a small baby is much more sensitive and there were reports that the baby would have an irritable rash. It could also cause a baby to have an upset stomach since toys left on the carpet would ends up in the baby’s mouth. The good news is that carpet cleaning today really has come a long way and professional carpet cleaners have made changes in the products that they utilize as well as the tools they use. The cleaners are more of a green standard and the professional carpet cleaning company knows that the family will be on the carpet soon after the cleaning so it needs to be safe. The equipment and tools that are used have also come a long way and we are able to remove much more of the residue that was left behind than in the past. The fact that carpet cleaning is safe for you and your family in one thing but not having your carpets cleaned could be dangerous.

Ameri-Best Carpet Cleaning Outlines Why it is Best to Have Your Carpets Cleaned Professionally For Your Family

Carpet Beetles: There are some pests that actually get in your home and will feed on the carpet fibers. Carpet beetles are a problem in many homes all over. They do actually feed on the fibers that make up the carpet and that often leads to bald spots. The problem is not that they bite a person because their mouth is too small but that they cause an decrease indoor air quality. The beetles are a big problem for people that suffer from allergies as well as asthma. The body and shedding from the beetles can get airborne and that will cause trouble with a person’s breathing. The best way to keep the carpet beetles off your carpet is to be sure you use your vacuum cleaner. Then you also want to hire a carpet cleaning service to come out.
Carpet Germs & Bacteria: If a person in your home has been sick with a cold or flu then the germs that caused the illness can still be lingering. The germs are able to live on many surfaces in your home. Germs can live on carpet fibers for up to 30 days. You can wait the 30 days for the germs to die off of you can hire a carpet cleaner to come out and clean the carpets. The cleaning solution along with the hot water is able to treat the carpets and stop the bacteria and germs from growing.

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Ameri-Best Carpet Cleaning uses non toxic, water soluble cleaning solutions that are eco-friendly too. We like to think our gentle but effective carpet cleaning solutions are comparable to using dawn dish soap to clean your dishes! We also use powerful truck mounted water extraction equipment to remove virtually all of the dirt, contaminants, water and cleaning solutions. The result is carpet that looks, smells and feels great! If you want to keep your family safe, call Ameri-Best Carpet Cleaning today to have your carpets professionally cleaned.

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