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Microfiber & Fabric Sofa Upholstery Cleaning Codes & Symbols in Plainville, CT; S, W, S/W & X

March 3, 2018

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Different types of upholstery require specific maintenance and care in order to keep it in pristine condition. Reading the label will indicate warnings and how it should be cleaned, which is marked with a code. On a couch, for instance, the label is located on the cushion, providing it hasn’t been removed after purchase. If the label is missing, you can research the code for that piece of upholstery on the manufacturers website. But the biggest problem is, is that once you find out what the code is, you may not what the code is indicating. We at Ameri-Best Carpet Cleaning would like to take this opportunity to relate what the upholstery cleaning codes mean to help you care for your upholstery.

Fabric Sofa Cleaning Symbols & Codes

"S": Finding ”S" on your furniture’s upholstery is an indication it requires a cleaning solvent in order for it to be cleaned, which is a dry cleaning solvent. If it makes contact with liquid, it will not react well. In the event the product is meant for home dry cleaning use then spot cleaning is advised. You can often find dry cleaning solvents at home improvement stores, and some department stores. Always read the instructions in full and follow them step by step. For example, some products require using a blow dryer to dry the spot or otherwise it will leave a visible ring. If your upholstery requires professional dry cleaning, be sure to get it done often enough the soil and stains don’t accumulate to ensure optimal results. If any accidental spills make contact with the upholstery, tend to them immediately to maintain the longevity of the colors and the fabric.
"W": This code on your upholstery means that water can be involved in the cleaning. You can ideally use the pre-made upholstery/carpet cleaner at the department store or even a DIY concoction to treat any accidental spills or stains. This code is on highly durable fabrics that see a lot of use and potential spills, such as dining room chairs and living room couches.
"S/W": A combination of dry cleaning solvents and water can be used with the upholstery code “S/W”. This code is actually rarely seen and is better left for the professionals to use their equipment and products to treat stain and perform deep cleanings. Always treat accidental spills quickly and consider using the furniture with this upholstery in areas where it won’t get a lot of use. If you are determined to clean stains yourself, use the dry cleaning solvent to be safe.
"X": The code “X” is even scarcer on upholstery, but is more common on blinds and shades made of fabric. It interprets that is not cleanable and that you can only use a vacuum to remove the layers of dust and debris. If you should find this code on your upholstery, leave it to the professionals.

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