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Need to Clean, Sterilize & Disinfect a Mattress in Bloomfield, CT; Remove Allergens, Dust Mites & More

February 16, 2018

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How often do you wash your clothes? You probably throw them through the wash at the end of the day and wont wear them until they are clean again. Now how often do you wash your sheets? This is not as often because you would be doing laundry constantly if you needed to wash all your sheets on a daily basis but you do wash them. Most people have some sort of rotation on how often they send the sheets through the wash. Now how often do you wash your mattress? There are many people that don’t have their mattress cleaned and the problem is it could be making you sick!

Ameribest Carpet Cleaning Lists Reasons Why Cleaning, Sterilizing & Disinfecting Your Mattress is Important

Allergy Symptoms from Mattress Allergens: There are many people that have allergies or asthma which cause them to have trouble with their breathing. There is usually a trigger that causes the problems with breathing and it might surprise you to know that your mattress could be a problem. If you seem to wake up feeling stuffy in the morning it could be from the allergens that are on the mattress. Dust mites are a problem and are often found on the mattress of many beds. Dust mites are known for leaving behind feces when they walk around. The feces that are on your mattress can actually cause you to have allergies! That is why you need to have your mattress clean so you can have a good night sleep.
Dust Mites Allergies: If you knew you were sleeping with pests in your bed you would likely get to work on removing them as soon as possible. Well the odds that you have dust mites on your mattress are really likely. They are small enough that you won’t see them walking around but they are there. Dust mites are a pest and you want to make sure that you have them removed. The best way to do that is to have your mattress deep cleaned by a professional. The equipment that is used will get deep in the mattress pulling out the dust mites that leave their feces all over your mattress. Mattresses have been known to weigh more just from all the dust mites and debris that is left on them.
Dead Skin Flakes on More & Mattress: The other allergens and debris that is on your mattress may not be a real surprise. The sheets are really only catching some of the debris that you are leaving behind. There can be hair and skin that has sloughed off when you are sleeping and that can be left behind even when you change out your sheets. Most people have pets that will spend some time of the bed which means their fur and dander is on the mattress as well. Sweat is another part of the reason that you really need to look into having your mattress cleaned on a regular basis.

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