April 3, 2019
Decorating with Area Rugs in South Windsor, CT; Color, Pile, Cleaning Maintenance & More

When you make the right area rug selection for your home, it can be a powerful design tool. Area rugs are often the piece that pulls all the design elements found in the room together. There are some guidelines that you should follow to ensure you make the right area rug selection for your home. […]

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March 27, 2019
How to Get Water or Oil Based, Latex, Acrylic & Spray Paint Out of Carpet in Enfield, CT

As the spring months start to get closer more and more people are taking on crafting projects and home improvement. The weather makes you want to open up the windows and start to declutter the house. When you start to do that you may start to see things that need to be touched up and […]

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March 22, 2019
Steam Mopping VS Mop & Wring Bucket System for Tile Cleaning in Wethersfield, CT

Taking care of tile and grout flooring isn’t usually too difficult for most. Keeping the debris off the surface and washing off the residues and spots are the basics. Sealing, polishing, and other maintenance can be involved as well. With the easy care, many people use tile and grout for flooring in kitchens, bathrooms, and […]

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March 15, 2019
How Long Does it Take for Mold to Grow on Carpet in a Flooded Basement in Manchester, CT?

We’ve been discussing water damaged carpet and the steps in the restoration process. When the padding below the carpet is affected by water damage there is an extra step that needs to be taken. Think of the padding as a giant sponge that soaks up as much water as it can and never dries out. […]

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March 8, 2019
Drying & Cleaning Wet Carpet After a Flood or Water Damage Disaster in Glastonbury, CT

Dealing with water damage in your home can be an overwhelming experience. The best way to deal with it is to know what steps you should take when it happens and act quickly. You should also know when it’s necessary to call the professionals in for help. The biggest questions you’re likely to have are […]

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March 1, 2019
Will Professional Carpet Cleaning Remove Dog & Cat Pet Urine Odors in East Hartford, CT?

As many people just love their pets, they can pose a problem for carpets, and especially those pets that seem to have frequent accidents. Pet urine can cause carpet damage and odors that can make your home unpleasant. Combating pet odor and carpet damage often requires the aid of a professional. Ameribest Carpet Cleaning would […]

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February 23, 2019
Will Professional Carpet Cleaning Remove Smelly Pet Urine Odors in West Hartford, CT?

Best Pet Friendly Flooring for Pet Urine, Dog Scratches & More 1. Protect Hardwood Floors from Dog Urine, Scratches & More. Wood is porous and highly susceptible to urine stains. These stains can make the wood appear darker. Wood floors that aren’t treated properly are more subject to stains. The best way to protect your […]

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February 14, 2019
Proper Vacuuming Techniques in Hartford, CT; Don't Vacuum Fast, Clean Filter, Hose & More

Nothing will make your carpet look cleaner than vacuuming it. This one task will do more to extend the life of your carpet than anything else. When vacuuming your carpet, it is however, important you are doing it right in order to see the maximum cleaning results. AmeriBest Carpet Cleaning is here to share some […]

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February 8, 2019
Is it Really Necessary to Seal Tile & Grout in Plainville, CT; Benefits of Sealing in Shower & More

Many people think of sealants for their grout and tile as simply an added luxury that is not necessary for the overall care. When it comes to tile and grout, they are in fact very durable, but porous, meaning they absorb a lot of moisture, soil, and other debris. As these substances get absorbed into […]

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February 1, 2019
How to Remove Spilled Wet & Dried Nail Polish Stains from Carpet in Barkhamsted, CT

There are some stains that happen that seem like you will never get out. One of them happen to be when there is nail polish that gets dripped or rubbed on the carpet of the rug. The time of year is here that kids and teens are getting gifts and presents and what girls seem […]

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