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RX Wood Flooring Refinishing in Berlin, CT; How We Refinish Hardwood Floors Step By Step

May 24, 2019

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It doesn’t matter how vigilant you are with your hardwood flooring, over time it starts to look worn and scratched. One of the most beautiful things about a hardwood floor is the ability to refinish it and it will look like new again. Many companies will have to sand and stain hardwood flooring to complete the process which leaves behind a mess. AmeriBest Carpet Cleaning provides our customers with RX for wood floors which doesn’t require sanding to refinish your flooring. Following is a little bit of information about the process.

Disadvantages of Hardwood Floor Sanding

When you choose to have your hardwood refinished using the sanding method, you could end up with a different color on your flooring. Not only that, but you will have a layer of fine dust settled into every crack and corner of your home after the dust clouds settle down during the sanding process. You could be dealing with the mess of sanding your flooring for days, if not weeks, after the process is complete. Sometimes sanding is also more costly than the alternative as well.

RX for Wood Floors Process

If you are looking for a cost effective way to refinish your hardwood flooring, you may want to consider RX for wood floors. This process is completely changing the way that homeowners refinish their hardwood flooring. Many homeowners are finding that there are several benefits that come from the RX method including little to no mess, half the price of traditional refinish costs, the process can be completed in one day and no odor is involved as well. The patented urethane process will bring your hardwood back to life. Here is how the process works:
Virtual Sanding: The first step in the RX method involves removing the old finish from your flooring. This is done with a special formula that will remove it without the sanding process.
Hardwood Floor Repairs & Touchups: If it is time to refinish your hardwood, there are likely going to be some small repairs and touchups that need to be done before the new finish put on. Pets, children and furniture are all common causes of gouges and scratches on your flooring.
Hardwood Flooring Finish Application: It’s finally time for the finish. Once the finish is applied to your flooring, you can count on years of enjoyment out of your flawless looking floors again.

RX Hardwood Floor Refinishing Services & More in Avon, Canton, Simsbury, Farmington, Southington, Plantsville, Bristol, CT & Hartford County, Connecticut

If your hardwood flooring is starting to show signs of wear or has been badly damaged recently, you want to know that you have the best team of flooring specialists working on it to restore it. At AmeriBest Carpet Cleaning, we don’t just handle carpet cleaning, but are highly trained and experienced in hardwood flooring as well. We know how well the RX for wood floors method works and are looking forward to helping you rejuvenate your hardwood flooring soon. Bring your hardwood floors back to life. Call us today!

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