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Stain Removal Tips; How to Clean & Remove Old Stains from Carpet in Plainville, CT

July 7, 2018

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For those who have never learned how to clean stains out of carpet properly, they may not have experienced success and still have those unsightly stains in their carpets to this day. One of the rules of keeping carpets clean is to clean a stain as soon as it occurs. The longer the stain sets in the carpet, the harder it becomes to get out. However, even old and tough stains can be removed with the proper cleaning methods. If you have old tough stains in your carpet, Ameribest Carpet Cleaning will walk you through the steps and help you get out even old stubborn stains.

How to Clean Tough Carpet Stains

Step 1. Prep – You will first want to gather all of the materials needed to remove the stains. Make sure to have a clothes iron, a few white cleaning cloths, a spray bottle, ammonia, and hot water. You may need an extension cord so the clothes iron can reach the stain. Plug the iron in and begin heating it up. Next, with the spray bottle you will want to mix the hot water and ammonia together in equal portions. Make sure to swirl the bottle around mixing the two ingredients together well.
Step 2. Spray – Next you will want to spray the ammonia and water mixture on the stain. Make sure the mixture soaks deep into the stain. Also, spray the surface of a cleaning cloth or towel and lay the damp section of the cloth on top of the stain flatly.
Step 3. Iron – With your now heated iron, press the iron on top of the stain and slowly move the iron around the stain. Make sure to stay on the towel. Avoid contact with the carpet as the heated iron can singe the carpet. Keep ironing just the stain. Occasionally lift the towel and see if the stain is lifting onto the cloth or towel.
Step 4. Repeat – You will need to repeat steps 2 and 3. Apply the ammonia mixture on both the stain and the cloth or towel and iron around the stained area. Repeat until the stain is out. Keep in mind that this can take a few times depending on the type of stain you’re fighting. The stain will lift onto the cloth and out of your carpet. This is a super simple and easy way to reclaim your clean carpets.
Additional Tips – Make sure when using a cleaning cloth or towel that they are pure white. Ammonia while remove dye from cloth and run the dye into the carpet. Because of this fact, you never should use dyed cloth or paper towel for cleaning carpets. It is much easier to clean stains as they occur. Before using any cleaning product or even a homemade cleaning solution, always check it first. Use the cleaner in a hidden area. That way if the carpet is affected no one will see it. Vacuum up around the stain to help restore the carpet fibers. It is common after cleaning a stain for the carpet to look flat or smashed.

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