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Steam Mopping VS Mop & Wring Bucket System for Tile Cleaning in Wethersfield, CT

March 22, 2019

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Taking care of tile and grout flooring isn’t usually too difficult for most. Keeping the debris off the surface and washing off the residues and spots are the basics. Sealing, polishing, and other maintenance can be involved as well. With the easy care, many people use tile and grout for flooring in kitchens, bathrooms, and other rooms. However, in times cleaning the grout and tile can be frustrating to keep it vibrant and spotless. With so many options, finding the right method can be a challenge. Bearing this in mind, we at Ameri-Best Carpet Cleaning would like to discuss the trendy steam mop versus the traditional mopping.

Mop & Wring Bucket System

Your mop and either a bucket of hot water or the designated tile and grout cleaner is involved. Traditional mops are offered in a variety of options and it really boils down to preference between flat mops, sponge type mops, rope, and dust among others. Others will simply get down on their hands and knees to ensure a more thorough job and arm themselves with their preferred cleaner and sponge or rag.

Steam Cleaning Mop

Developed to expedite the cleaning process, and be more efficient, steam has been used for cleaning purposes for quite some time. The steam cleaning offers more mobility and ease with the various models available. Additionally, the steam cleaning does more than just remove the spots and residues as it will disinfect any lingering germs that are unseen. Reaching hot enough temperatures, the majority of steam cleaning kills up to 99.99% of bacteria that can cause a variety of illnesses. Steam cleaning is also proven to be more eco-friendly, safer and cost effective, generally because detergents are not typically added nor needed. This benefit can’t be ignored, because there are quite a few people, especially children and pets, that chemicals used for cleaning are harmful to kids. With the powerful steam cleaning element, thee harmful chemicals are eliminated from the equation.

Benefits of Steam Floor Cleaner

– There is only one needed tool with steam cleaning.
– Potentially harmful, and often expensive, detergents are not included with steam cleaning.
– Steam cleaning sanitizes the unseen germs that mopping can’t do.
– Safer for pets and small children as well as eco-friendly.
– Scrubbing is not a part pf the process to combat tougher blemishes.
– With less water left behind, drying time is much faster with steam as opposed to water.
– There are steam cleaning models that will clean all hard surfaces including countertops, wood, and vinyl flooring, and so on.

Benefits of Mopping with Mop & Bucket

– Traditional mops cost less to buy. However, the cost will add up with buckets, detergents, and replacement heads.
– Traditional mopping requires more activity and work, ideal for energy enthusiasts.
– You can achieve the freshly clean scents will detergents where steam cleaning does not leave any scents behind.

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Ultimately, how you wash the tile and grout flooring is your choice. Additionally, it is essential that once or twice a year you invest in professional tile and grout cleaning to get the deep-rooted debris that neutralizes odors and provides maximum clean and disinfection. When it comes time for professional cleaning, call in the best in the business and contact Ameri-Best Carpet Cleaning and let our experts do the rest.

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