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Tips to Extend Life of Upholstery in Bristol, CT; Clean Regularly, Rotate to Minimize Fading from Sun, Control Pet Shedding & More

April 22, 2017

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Any investment is worth the diligence in keeping up on care and maintenance in an effort to keep it in good condition and extend the projected life expectancy. The same can be said for your upholstery. Keeping your upholstery clean, vibrant, and in prime condition at the very least can keep the aesthetics and health of your home up to par. With that in mind, we at Ameri-Best Carpet Cleaning would like to offer some tips and advice on how you can keep your upholstery in pristine condition and extend the projected lifespan.

Tips to Extend Life of Upholstery

1) Regularly Clean Sofa Surface. The upholstery should be cleaned frequently and sufficiently. This is essential for the overall condition, aesthetics, and longevity. Dirt will slowly deteriorate upholstery that is left to fester. Dirt is a natural abrasive and with friction can cause a sanding-like affect that over the course of long term can wear and breakdown fabric. Vacuuming the surface, utilizing all of your attachments for the appropriate areas thoroughly to remove dirt and dust and make certain it is done from top to bottom and all sides, including cushions and under cushions.
2) Routine Couch Rotation. The cushions or pads that are detached and has the ability to flip should be done every so often. Divots and grooves can be prevented from becoming permanent fixtures on your sofas and chairs. Periodically performing the rotation will allow the fibers to distribute evenly and keep your fabric looking vibrant. Additionally, relocating the furniture to prevent the sunlight from fading the fibers can help the upholstery. Direct sunlight can dry out fabrics, and cause the colors to fade. If your lifestyle permits, rotate the upholstered furniture. Invest in good blinds, curtains, and drapes for further protection.
3) Control Pet Shedding. With or without your permission, if your pets are accustomed to being comfortable, and sit and sleep on your upholstery; make sure their hair/fur and dander are cleaned daily, or as needed. Fur/hair and dander can contribute to your upholstery looking dull and worn out, just as dirt can.
4) Know the Upholstery & Treatments. Educate yourself on the upholstery in your home, especially if you are getting new upholstered furniture pieces. Knowing what kind of materials are available when selecting your upholstery can help. Reading the labels and researching your fabric types and treatments are ideal for your upholstery. For example, with various types of upholstery, they can be pretreated with Scotch Guard to ward away stains. Learning your upholstery types can help you more effectively remove stains and treat spills to keep it clean and fresh. Just always clean up any accidental spills or messes on your upholstery immediately; if the stains to set in, it can be difficult, if not impossible, to remove later.

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Have Ameri-Best Carpet Cleaning professionally clean your upholstery annually, or more frequently as needed. Not only will a trained expert keep your upholstery cleaned and sanitized, it could also promote younger looking fabric. When cleaned professionally, the fibers tighten, giving your furniture an instant face lift. Call us today!

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