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Top Signs Your Hardwood Floors Need Refinishing & Can You Have Them Refinished While Still Living in Your Bristol, CT House?

June 2, 2017

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Wooden floors are a great investment as well as a beautiful addition to your home. However, it may be shortly lived if you don’t refinish your wooden floors when they require it. Wooden floors require proper care and maintenance. Most people are unsure when it is time to refinish their wooden floor. Ameribest Carpet Cleaning will share some of the top signs that it is time to have your floors refinished.

Fix Scratches in Hardwood Floors from a Dog, Heels & Other Causes

Over time, and through heavy traffic, scratches will occur on the floor’s surface. It’s not uncommon for a few scratches to appear, especially in those high traffic areas. Of course there comes a time when the protective finish becomes scratched up or the scratches become too deep. In such cases, the integrity of the wood is in jeopardy. Deep scratches often, if left unattended, will become deeper. The split in the wood then causes splintering. Once you see an abundance of scratches that reveals too much of the wood, it is time to refinish your wood floor.

Wood That Turns Gray

Once the floor begins to become discolored or looks more gray in color, this is another sure sign it is time to refinish your wood floors. Most wood floors are sealed with polyurethane and over time this protective coats wears away. Once the polyurethane coating has worn away, it leaves your wood exposed to sun which will discolor the wood. If your wooden floors have been exposed to constant moisture, this too will discolor the wood and make it appear almost black in color.

Wood Floor Turning Black

If the wood has already begun to turn black in color it may be too late to refinish the floor. When wood begins to rot under exposure or too much moisture it can leave the wood soft and black in color. Once the wood has reached this point you will need to replace the section that’s been damaged.

Hardwood Floor Water Damage Warping

Constant exposure to water doesn’t just discolor the wood but it can separate at the seams and cause improper expanding or contracting of the wood. That is why it is important to repair the source of the water and dry the wood as quickly as possible to help save your wood. If the wood, after it dries, seems discolored or begins to split, you may need to replace the damaged area.

Sun Damaged Wood Floor

When there is constant sun beaming onto your wood floor it can cause the floor to lighten up and discolor. Sun damage also causes the wood to dry and crack. This causes the wood to splinter. When the wood begins to look lighter or dried this too is a sure sign it is time to refinish or replace your wood floors.

RX No Sanding Method Hardwood Floor Refinishing & More in Avon, Canton, Simsbury, Farmington, Southington, Plantsville, Bristol, CT & Hartford County, Connecticut

It is important to refinish your wood floor as it needs it. Each wood type as well as what the wood is exposed to, will determine as to when that time comes. That’s why it is up to the homeowner to watch their floor and get the proper care as it needs it. Ameribest Carpet Cleaning provides the RX refinishing method for wooden floors. If you need assistance in maintaining your wood floor, contact Ameribest Carpet Cleaning today.

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