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Try Professional Cleaning Before Replacing Old Dirty Tile & Grout in Canton, CT

July 28, 2018

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Is the tile in your home looking very old, dirty, and possibly even chipped? This is about the time many homeowners begin to think about replacing the tile. Replacing tile is an expensive and time consuming project that may be avoidable. Instead of replacing old weathered tile, consider using a professional tile and grout cleaning service. One of the greatest attributes of tile is that it is very durable and can last a very long time. You might find that by using a professional tile and grout cleaner, they can completely revive the look of your home's tile. Ameribest Carpet Cleaning will share why you may want to invest in a professional tile and grout cleaning service before you replace your home's tile.

Grout Cleaning Tips

Grout is extremely rough and porous which causes the grout to get dirty very quickly. Due to the nature of grout, it captures oil, grease, and dirt which have a major affect on the rest of the tile. When the grout becomes compacted with oil and grease and the homeowner struggles to get the grout clean, they consider replacing the tile all together. However if you seek the aid of a professional cleaner they come with strong cleaners geared toward reclaiming your grout line. The cleaning equipment will make quick work or cleaning grout lines and make them look beautiful. Once the grout has been deep cleaned, along with the tile, you can have the tile and grout sealed which protects the grout and repels dirt, oils and grease from sticking to the surface.

Tile Floor Cleaning

Tile looks very weathered when they become stained, chipped and dirty. Depending on the type of tile and the tile's surface design, some tile can hold in dirt and stain very easily. Additionally, the rougher or more textured the tile's surface; the harder it is to clean. Some tile can be very difficult to completely clean. When tile never appears clean, many homeowners will again think to replace the tile in their home. A professional tile and grout cleaner has strong cleaners along with tile polishing and buffing machines that clean and penetrates deep into the tile’s surface. Cleaning deeper than a typical mop, a professional cleaner can clean, buff and polish tile floor. They can easily renew the look of the tile floor. However, what about those chips? Depending on the type of tile you have throughout your home, there are many ways to repair chipped tile. Most include epoxy filler. Although it can be difficult to match the tile design and color, most chip repairs look great.

Clean or Replace Tile & Grout

For those who can't simply replace their entire home's tile just because it looks old and dirty, consider another alternative. Contact a professional tile and grout cleaning service to help you clean and reclaim your home's time. Tile is widely used throughout the home and is exposed to different types of contaminants. For example, bathrooms will suffer from mold, mildew, hard water, and soap scum while kitchen tile is exposed to cooking oil, grease and dirt. Each area poses their own challenges. With the help of a professional tile and grout cleaner, you can have a clean home with new, clean looking tile and grout.

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