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Upholstery Cleaning Tips; How to Clean & Treat Stains on Fabric Upholstered Sofas, Couches & Other Furniture in Southington, CT

April 29, 2017

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Upholstery cleaning is important because it will make your furniture last longer. Dirt and grime will do a number on your furniture and will wear it down making it age faster. Professional cleaning will extract the dirt and grime before it has the chance to wear down the fabric on your furniture. Kids and pets track all sorts of dirt and grime onto your furniture making it even more important to keep it clean. Every six months is ideal to leave your furniture hygienic and looking great. Regardless of the kind of upholstery you have it needs to be cleaned and all upholstery can be cleaned; from microfiber and suede to leather. The only thing you need to remember is that each fabric or material needs its own method or you might damage it. Simply running a damp cloth over your leather couch isn’t enough, and regular washing detergent won’t do either in taking care of those unsightly spots. Professionals know how to clean any type of upholstered furniture. Dust, dirt and grime will build up on your furniture, and soft furniture can be a breeding ground for bacteria and allergens. The health of your family is important. Mold, dust and mildew along with other allergens will get deep into your furniture and will cause odors that can make your family sick. Removing all this junk will improve the air quality in your home.

How to Clean & Treat Stains on Upholstered Furniture

Treat stains as quickly as possible. Don’t smear the spill. Just use a clean cloth to soak it up. Then use another clean towel and work in circular motions and keep repeating until the stain is gone. Always test any products you’re using on a hidden area to make sure you won’t discolor the upholstery or affect the fabric in any way. Rubbing out stains isn’t enough anyway because there’s padding under the material that has absorbed any spills. When you hire a cleaning company to clean your furniture you’ll know it was done correctly and the stains won’t come back. They have the right tools and cleaning solutions and attachments to get the job done right. It’s fast too. Typically, it will only take a couple of hours and be dry in no time.

Professional Upholstery Cleaning & More in Avon, Canton, Simsbury, Farmington, Southington, Plantsville, Bristol, CT & Hartford County, Connecticut

So, is it worth the time and money to have your upholstery cleaned? Furniture can be expensive and neglecting it can have it looking older and worn out. Hiring professionals will cost money but if you can keep it for longer you won’t have to buy a new one sooner than you have to. A new sofa will always cost more! Regular upholstery cleaning will have your furniture in tip top shape, plus professionals are experts that have all sorts of tricks to remove stains and lots of advice on how to keep your upholstery cleaner in between cleanings. For in-home hot water extraction upholstery cleaning you can trust the experience of Ameribest Carpet Cleaning. We will have your furniture looking as good as it did the day you bought it and provide a healthy living environment for your family. Call us today!

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