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What Does a Move Out Cleaning Include in Barkhamsted, CT? Checklist, Instructions & More

December 16, 2017

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Moving from one location to another brings a lot of different emotions. One is that the stress that comes with having to find a new location to move to and preparing the new house to live in. You also have to pack your entire house and pack it all in a truck for the move to the new house. The joy that you get to start over can be exhilarating but all the work that has to be done when you move can delay the fun. The house that you are moving out of whether it is being sold or you are turning the keys over to a rental company you need to get the house clean. It is also more fun to spend the extra time and effort at your new home but cleaning the home you are moving out of can save you money. If you want the chance to have your security deposit back you want to tackle the move out cleaning. There are some tips and tricks to get the house clean that you are moving out of.

Ameribest Carpet Cleaning Lists Areas to Focus On When Doing Your Move Out Cleaning

Clean The Kitchen: One area that you will often stop using in advance when you know that you are going to move is the kitchen. The kitchen is a place that is often packed up early and not used the last few days before you move. Most people will do fast food and eat out so that they can pack their dishes and appliances. That makes this area a great place to start the deep cleaning. You want to clean all the counters, cabinets inside and out and the walls. Be sure if you are planning to leave the appliances in the house you clean them as well. Take time to clean the dishwasher out, oven, stove and the microwave. You can clean the tile or stone floors last after the house has been cleaned out and all the placing has been removed.
Scrub The Bathrooms: The other area that you want to focus on when you are moving are the bathrooms. They often need the most attention since they are used by everyone in the house on a regular basis. You can leave one bathroom for last so that you can clean the rest of the bathrooms. Then you know they will not be used after they are cleaned. Clean the water spots and soap scum form the walls, floors and other areas of the bathroom. You want to be sure that the bathroom is polished before you leave including the bathroom that you used to get ready on the last day.
Rooms & Floors: It is easy to clean the rooms such as bedrooms and living rooms once all the belongings are removed. You can use a cloth to wash the walls, baseboards and other surfaces off. You can then have the floors cleaned by a professional. The carpets and tile can be cleaned, stains removed and polished so they look their best for the new tenant.

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