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Why Do Spots on Carpet Keep Coming Back in Suffield, CT; Removing Wicking Stains & More

May 10, 2019

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If you have ever accidentally knocked a cup of coffee off the table you know that that spill can lead to a stain on your carpets quickly. There are many ways that your carpets can be stained whether a toddler is running with a cup of juice or you’re hosting a party and a guest drops their red wine. The reality is that most people know by now that they need to clean any stains right away. The faster you can get to a stain or spill and start to clean it the better your chances are of removing it. You also need to be ready to clean the stain with the right technique as well as the right cleaner as well. There are times you feel you have done a really good job on a stain. You made sure to get to the area quickly and to clean it well. It can look great but after a few days the stain comes back. This can be unnerving since you didn’t spill anything new but the exact stain is back again. This is a phenomenon that does occur and there are a few reasons that is does. Ameribest Carpet Cleaning outlines why some carpet stains keep coming back after cleaning.

Soiling Stains from Cleaning Residues

If you have done your best to clean a stain and it seems to be gone you could be getting tricked. The stain may seems to be gone then a few days pass by and it is back again. This can be from a process that is called soiling and can happen to just about anyone. When you see a stain and you treat it you may think it is clean but the reality is that the cleaner you use can leave behind a residue. That residue then sticks to the carpet fibers and that does not allow it to stay clean. That is because the residue can be sticky and that will let the dirt and debris to stick to the area easily. That means that the area that you originally treated will look dirty again very fast making it seem as if the stain has come back. The reality is that the fibers are attracting and allowing the dirt to stick to the fibers and this can be treated.

Carpet Wicking Stains

When you spill a cup of juice, coffee or other liquid it will start by soaking into the fibers then all the way through the backing and into the padding. If you clean a stain but the moisture is still down in the backing and the padding it will come back up to the surface. If you apply any pressure to the area after you think it has been cleaned the moisture will come back up through the carpet fibers making the stain appear again. This is due to the fact that the stain was not actually fully removed.

How To Prevent Reoccurring Carpet Stains

You can make sure that you are diligent when cleaning spills and stains. You also want to make sure that you have your carpets cleaned on a regular basis. This will help to treat stains that have occurred that you have not been able to clean properly. It can also help to keep up the health of the carpet overall.

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