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Will Professional Carpet Cleaning Remove Dog & Cat Pet Urine Odors in East Hartford, CT?

March 1, 2019

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As many people just love their pets, they can pose a problem for carpets, and especially those pets that seem to have frequent accidents. Pet urine can cause carpet damage and odors that can make your home unpleasant. Combating pet odor and carpet damage often requires the aid of a professional. Ameribest Carpet Cleaning would first like to explain why pet urine can damage carpet and emit odors and what treatment can help recover your carpets after pet urine.

Is Dog Urine on Carpet a Health Risk?

Pet urine can damage carpet as it leaves behind permanent stains and nasty odors that never go away. Urine not only causes odor and can damage carpet, it can also lead to an unhealthy environment. Carpet can become damaged, discolored, or stained permanently by urine. Urine has the pH level of 5 to 6 which means it is high in acid. As the urine dries the acid in the urine turns into alkaline which increases the pH to numbers as high as 10 or 12 on the scale. High levels of alkaline can affect the dye in the carpet which discolors the dye leaving permanent stains. Urine doesn't just contain acid or high levels of alkaline, but also proteins. The urine has proteins that turns into bacteria which thrives in the carpet. When you smell odor, you are actually smelling the bacteria. The bacteria can eventually become airborne. This bacteria isn't life threatening but it can cause indoor allergies, headaches and other minor illnesses.

How Can I Remove Dog Urine Stains & Odors from Carpet?

If urine remains in the carpet too long the urine stain may never come out. This is why when it comes to cleaning the stain, it is best to clean the accident or spill as soon as possible. By cleaning your pet accident quickly you can prevent carpet damage and discoloration. However, there are times we don't discover our pets accidents until it is too late. When cleaning pet stains, one of the most effective methods is a pretreatment pet steam removal, combined with a steam cleaning machine. A pretreatment solvent which works great is “Clean As A Whistle's Avenge” and is located in most pet stores. You can also use white wine vinegar as a pretreatment. The vinegar will kill the bacteria in the odor and eliminate the smell, but vinegar won't clean the stain. You will want to use a carpet cleaner after soaking the site in vinegar. Whichever cleaner you use, make sure to use one that is designed to kill the bacteria in urine to effectively treat odors. You can also use a blue light to help locate the site. Often we can smell the urine but can't find it. You can use the blue light to locate the stain and use the pretreatment cleaner. After the pretreatment cleaner has had its allotted time to kill the bacteria, begin cleaning the site with the steamer.

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