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Window Cleaning Facts in Avon, CT; Safety, Professional Window Washing Tools & Supplies & More

April 14, 2018

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Spring has sprung and that means fun in the sun, more time outside and freshening up your home. The winter months are behind us and the sunshine coming through the windows is glorious. The only problem is that the bright light may be showing dusty and dirty areas on your windows. With warmer weather you’ll notice dirty windows every time you slide them open. Spring is the perfect time to clean your windows. Before you get started, make sure you learn how to do it like the professionals. Otherwise you’ll end up with poor results and think of all the time you spent to be unhappy with the way they look?!

Do’s to Get Clean Inside & Outside Windows

Do be safe. When windows need to be cleaned, ladders often need to be used. To prevent any accidents, be sure to place ladders securely in place because you’re not a super hero that can scale buildings without getting hurt. The best way to determine if you’re being safe enough is to ask yourself if you would allow you spouse or child to tackle the task.
Do use the right window washing tools. Professional tools are the way to go and a squeegee is the way to go to get the best results, but only if the rubber blade is changed out regularly.
Do clean windows on a cloudy day. Most people assume that a sunny day is best for cleaning windows. but cloudy days are better. The bright light of the sun makes streaks harder to see.
Do clean the screens. The screens are an important part of getting windows clean because dirty and dusty screens will just make you windows look dirty.
Do start at the top when cleaning windows. If you’re cleaning a two-story home, then you need to start at the top and work down. This also goes for each pane on the windows themselves. This will prevent dirty water from running down already clean surfaces.

Window Cleaning Don’ts

Don’t try cleaning without the right window washing tools. Don’t even start the job without the right ladder. You don’t want to end up in the emergency room! If you don’ have the right ladder, hire professionals.
Don’t use subpar window cleaner tools. Certain tools like paper towel and newspaper will just push dirt around your windows instead of cleaning them.
Don’t clean windows on a sunny day. Hot and sunny days will dry your windows faster and will leave smears and water spots.
Don’t wreck the window screens. Screens can easily be damaged if you aren’t careful. Use a vacuum cleaner attachment, water and a sponge or a soft spray from the garden hose to clean window screens.
Don’t forget to clean the window tracks. Dust, dirt and debris can buildup in the tracks-to ensure your windows open and close smoothly, make sure you clean them out.

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