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Hello! Welcome to our carpet cleaning in Plainville webpage. We're happy you're here. Like most home and business owners you're probably tired of staring at dirty, dingy carpets. Our company has been busting through grit and grime since 1999. We have the tools, equipment, and accessories to totally destroy stains and odors without compromising the integrity of your rugs. 

Ameri-Best Carpet Cleaning is very selective about the detergents we use and ensure they are eco-friendly and safe for pets and humans. No smelly toxic substances here! Our veteran-owned business is dedicated to incredible work ethic, integrity, and affordable prices. You can always count on our team for a job well done 100% of the time. 

Unlike other companies, we take the time to hear your story and understand what you're looking for in carpet cleaning. Rugs are definitely not all created the same and require unique care goals. 

To learn more about our company and our services, please call or email us right now to set up a no-obligation consultation.
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The level of service at Ameri-Best Carpet Cleaning is fantastic. Having been a customer for many years, I am consistently impressed by the professionalism every time they clean the carpet in my home. My carpet looks brand new every time! Thank you!
Ben N.
Avon, CT
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Plainville's #1 Carpet Cleaning Company - There's None Like It!

When it comes to incredible customer service and numerous options, our professional Plainville carpet cleaning company has it covered! We understand that there are many varieties of rugs and carpets in the world and we strive to have a foolproof plan for cleaning them all. In addition to carpets, we also offer expert upholstery cleaning services for furniture and other items covered by fabric. 

Don't let that spilled glass of red wine on your white couch stress you out because we can make it disappear! Do you know that our team also offers tile and grout cleaning for bathroom floors, shower stalls, and kitchen sink backsplashes? Say goodbye to ugly stains and mold! You can also count on us for all of your power washing needs. The outside of your home or office has never looked better after tackling tough stains and environmental debris with our truck-mounted equipment. 

Lastly, do you need hardwood refinishing services? Our agents specialize in breathing new life into hardwood flooring by stripping away the old material and replacing it with something new and long-lasting. Prepare to be wowed! 

You can learn all about our company's offerings by visiting our blog page which is frequently updated and brimming with information.

Explore Our Other Professional Cleaning Services in Plainville, CT!

Upholstery Cleaning

Our dedicated carpet cleaning company in Plainville, CT, offers expert upholstery cleaning. We tackle couches, footstools, antique items, and any other piece of furniture with a fabric covering. The detergents that we use are always gentle on delicate materials like silk, but incredibly tough on stains. Do you have a specific item that has been touched by the hands of time and you wish to breathe new life into it? Our crew has been able to make items that are decades old look like new again. In fact, we have customers who never thought their furniture would ever look great again, and low and behold; we completely blew their minds with outstanding results! Are you ready to see your upholstered furniture look like it did in its prime? Call us right now to schedule an appointment.

Area Rug Cleaning

Area rugs are innovative ways to break up the monotony of sprawling carpets or to add a little grip to a hardwood floor. However, due to their purpose, area rugs often see a great deal of wear and tear. From pets taking a nap on their surfaces to children running and playing overtop, your area rug will begin to look a little discolored over time. You may even notice that it has taken on a serious case of foul odor, especially if you have pets. No worries! Our team of Plainville carpet cleaning experts has the answer to your dirty area rug problems. We'll apply grit and grime-busting solution that eats away at all impurities and leaves the rug looking new. Our services are for Oriental and Persian-style rugs alike. We'll complete your rug cleaning in Plainville, CT in no time at all! Give our experts a call today.

Carpet Cleaning

Unfortunately, carpets take quite a beating over the years and can accumulate allergy-causing dirt and dander. That's not a good situation for asthma sufferers. Having pets can double the amount of debris stuck in carpeting and trap offensive odors that won't go away no matter how much you vacuum. Our company uses high-tech truck-mounted equipment to thoroughly clean residential and commercial carpeting in less than one afternoon. The soaps we use are environmentally-friendly and will not exasperate allergies. Your home will be left smelling fresh and clean. You'll find it fascinating to watch years of stains quite literally get sucked down the drain. Do you have questions about carpet cleaning? Feel free to reach out to our staff at your earliest convenience.

Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Most carpet cleaning companies in Plainville do not offer services like hardwood floor refinishing. However, we like to think of ourselves as a Jack of all trades. Once we're done beautifying your carpeting we can hop on over to your wood floors and restore them to a glorious state of excellence. Over time, hardwood tends to become scuffed and marked up, especially when the protective barrier begins to erode away. The sealants that we use are known to last for decades with minimal maintenance. You'll go from dull and dingy floors to a gorgeous glossy finish once we're through. Our hardwood flooring experts have many years of experience and hands-on training to back up their capabilities. We hope we can show you what we're made of very soon. Please fill out our online intake form to schedule.

Tile & Grout Cleaning

There's nothing more distasteful than seeing a bathroom or kitchen with dirty grout. No matter how hard you try you still cannot remove the discolored spots from between the tiles. Well, folks, you can put that old toothbrush away and relax because Ameri-Best is here to do the dirty work for you. We have powerful steam cleanings machines that get into small spaces and blast away mold, mildew, and soap scum. Once we're through, your tiles and grout will look like something off the pages of a home improvement magazine. Many homeowners don't realize how hazardous the substances that lurk between their tiles are. Mold loves growing between tiles and can absolutely wreak havoc on your health. We not only clean the grout but we make it safe for you and your family to be around.

Power Washing

Have you heard? Ameri-Best Carpet Cleaning in Plainville is offering power washing services! Now, we can make your carpets AND your siding look blissfully clean and tidy. We've updated our trucks to include the local area's most advanced pressure washing equipment. Our technicians specialize in cleaning siding, rooftops, windows, driveways, and exterior hardscapes. Just like our carpet detergents, all soaps that we use during power washing services are eco-friendly and will not harm your lawn or flowerbeds. The only thing you'll be left with is a shimmering clean home exterior. We also offer specialized power washing services for commercial properties. How long has it been since your storefront windows have had a good scrubbing? Maybe, your signage is looking a little grubby? We've got it covered!
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Our carpet cleaners in Plainville, CT, have been making rugs and more look like new since 1999. We, as a team, are dedicated to continuing our education in all areas of carpet and upholstery cleaning. You can rely on us to always use the most advanced methods the industry has to offer. If you're not satisfied, we're not satisfied!


Ameri-Best Carpet Cleaning in Plainville is proudly established and operated by dedicated veterans. Not only do we respect our country, but we also go to great lengths to provide the highest quality cleaning services available. We are forever grateful for your business, and as our valued customers, we salute you!

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In addition to having the most competitive rates in the local area, our company proudly offers FREE quotes. We feel it is incredibly important for consumers to know what they are paying for and why. Plus, you should have the option to shop around for a better deal. However, we are confident that you won't find one!
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