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Cleaning Fabric Grade Codes & Symbols for Microfiber & Other Upholstery in New Britain, CT

September 22, 2018

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Choosing a fabric sofa for your home is an excellent choice. The comfort and style they offer is hard to beat. They are a bit more maintenance when it comes to keeping them spot free, however. You don’t want to have to cover them with plastic to keep them clean. Before you delve into cleaning your upholstered sofa, AmeriBest Carpet Cleaning is here to share some tips that will help you get the clean you want without damaging your beautiful furniture.

Value in Upholstered Furniture Manufacturer’s Recommendations

You know that giant tag on your sofa with all the cleaning instructions on it? That little piece of reading material is a treasure trove of information about how to care for your sofa. It will help guide you through the process to help you avoid damaging the fabric of your sofa. Anytime you are getting ready to clean your sofa, you should read these recommendations from the manufacturer. There are times, that if you haven’t followed these instructions, the warranty for your sofa is null and void.

Cleaning Instructions Found on Your Fabric Sofa’s Tag

The first thing to know about this tag, is that there are two parts to it. They are likely on either side of the tag. On one side, there will likely be instructions about how to clean the cushion covers. The other side may give you tips for cleaning the cushion itself. Both important pieces of information. You will need to know if the fabric is waters soluble or not. Just be sure that you are looking at the correct tag information before proceeding in the cleaning process.

How to Read Symbols on Couch Manufacturer’s Tag

Here are some tips for deciphering the information that you find on these tags. There are certain letters that may be present and here is their meaning.
W- This fabric is safe to clean using water.
S- Water is not the best option and you should purchase a special solvent-based cleaner.
WS- You can use either a solvent-based cleaner or water to clean this fabric.
X- Vacuum only.

Danger in Straying From Upholstery Tag Recommendations

The information on the tag of your sofa may seem silly, but when you don’t follow the instructions listed there, it can be a problem. Water may seem like a harmless way to clean your sofa, but when your sofa recommends using a solvent-based cleaner instead and you don’t follow instructions, it can seriously damage your sofa. Actually, the water will likely leave an unsightly stain on your sofa. Don’t stray from the tag instructions, they are there for a reason and will keep your sofa safe.

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